In Pictures: ARN industry awards kick off in style

Sponsors old and new were invited to help launch the ARN IT Industry Awards which take place this year on September 16. About 40 people attended the banquet lunch at Imperial Peking Harbourside restaurant in Sydney. To find out more about the big night and the awards which are up for grabs, check out the ARN Awards page.

  • (L to R)Cherry Yumul (ARN), Hugh Evans and Sonja Sandral (Moneytech)

  • (L to R) Danielle Harrison (Kyocera Mita), Janice Tong (ARN) and Jeeven Jayanthan (Kyocera Mita)

  • (L to R) Cherry Yumul (ARN), Hugh Evans (Moneytech), Donna Adam (Express Data) and Susan Searle (ARN)

  • (L to R) Sonja Sandral (Moneytech), Nadia Cameron (ARN) and Paul Muller (Oracle)

  • (L to R) Janice Tong (ARN), Danielle Harrison and Jeeven Jayanthan (Kyocera Mita) and Susan Searle (ARN)

  • (L to R) Paul Muller (Oracle), Sonja Sandral (Moneytech), Susan Searle (ARN) and Fred King (VMware)

  • (L to R) Kendall Neal (Avnet), Nadia Cameron (ARN) and Andrew McLean (Intel)

  • (L to R) Sophie Baldwin (IBM), Nadia Cameron (ARN) and John Donovan (Novell)

  • (L to R) Pip Heath (Lenovo), Carineh Grigorian (Distribution Central) and Sara Pamieri (Lenovo)

  • (L to R) Jessica Ross (ARN), David Hill (IDG) and Julia Talevski (ARN)

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