In pictures: ARN's women in ICT roundtable

A pictorial highlight from ARN's Women in ICT roundtable

  • "I don’t think sending emails at 2am is considered work/life balance, but that’s what you do when you’re in business. I’m not sure making all these tools available is the answer." - Netforce's Deborah Lee

  • "I’m not saying women won’t want to be successful business people, but they’ll want a better balance." - BES's Alexa Bowen

  • "What we could be doing better is educating and supporting women in the industry on what work/life balance is and what we can do to make it more effective, so they feel comfortable that they can have career progression and children and come back into the workforce." - Westcon Group's Kerry Soussou

  • "Depending on what you want to rise to, that ability to negotiate is key. It’s not just money – it’s negotiating the position and the issues.” - ASI Solutions' Maree Lowe

  • "Equality comes at a cost in any company that shows that support. It’s about flexible work methods and allowing people to be who they are." - Ingram Micro's Jenny Southon

  • "Everybody needs to know what they’re doing there and why, and their impact on the organisation. If they don’t understand the fundamentals of why they’re there and how valuable they are to you, then they’re not engaged." - Express Data's Angela Logan-Bell

  • "It does come down to how many women are out there in that pool applying for the job. You need to look at whether the mix is diluted at that point." - FITT's Maggie Alexander

  • "“As long as you’re getting enough out of your job emotionally, and that stimulates you and remunerates you sufficiently, there comes a time when you make your own ceiling." - ARN's Susan Searle

  • "I think 3Com made the decision to appoint me as a person, not because of location. I just travel a lot, as they do. And they have that assistance at home, as I have." - 3Com's Angela Hughes

  • "We [HP] do have a global policy around diversity, but it’s all forms, not just women." - HP's Belinda Ross

  • "I must admit, certainly looking at this community and globally, there have been more advancements in the reseller community to accommodate women in the workforce." - Insight's Andrea Della-Mattea

  • From left: Angela Logan-Bell Express Data | Jenny Southon Ingram Micro | Angela Hughes 3Com | Deborah Homewood PacNet | Deborah Lee Netforce | Kerry Soussou Westcon Group | Nadia Cameron ARN | Maggie Alexander FITT | Andrea Della-Mattea Insight | Alexa Bowen BES | Alenka Tindale Targus | Belinda Ross HP | Maree Lowe ASI Solutions | Kathryn Power 3D Networks | Susan Searle ARN

  • "It comes down to the leader a lot of the time. 3D Networks is a privately owned organisation. We have a new CEO in Australia who is very keen to ensure we have equality in all forms." - 3D Networks' Kathryn Power

  • "There’s no point being left-wing about it – we have to take men on-board with us and show them why there are shared benefits. It’s about changing dynamics and culture." - Pacnet's Deborah Homewood

  • "My question is, when my daughter and daughter-in-law start their families, and my son becomes the breadwinner… what struggle will emerge? I’m not sure how this generation will view their careers and I wonder whether women in corporates will choose the quality of life, relationships and friends, and will want to help their parents and be there for the children." - Targus' Alenka Tindale

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