SLIDESHOW: Lexar ANZ Partner Summit

Lexar's partners celebrated on Fiji's beaches

  • (Left to Right) Ben Champion, Damian Michel, Dave Clark, Terry Groth, Tia Truong, Don Peters

  • Staff from Lexar and the distributors Cellnet, Croxley Nutech, TA Macalister and Westgroup International attended the event in Fiji's Coral Coast Shangri-La Resort.

  • Activities included seminars, breakout sessions, sun baking and golfing.

  • The group was also able to go surfing and enjoy meals and local entertainment together.

  • Lexar partners enjoying a night out.

  • Fiery local entertainment.

  • The sun setting on the Coral Coast of Fiji

  • (Left to Right) Kevin Dwyer, Stuart Smith, Elaine Schillinger, Leslie Adams, Ed Moro

  • (Left to Right) Yogesh Patel, Kristen Trappett, Jenni Fletcher, Richard Clarke, Farshid Tabrizi, Ian Andrews

  • Coral Coast, Fiji.

  • When not lounging on Natadola Beach, the group was partaking in group tours like this river exploration run.

  • Coral Coast, Fiji.

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