Winter Games: Videogame your way through the Olympics

Bored with TV coverage? Play the events yourself

  • BOBSLED Shred Sled featuring the Jamaican Bobsled Team ($30): Coming on Feb. 23 for the Nintendo Wii, this game takes a comical look at bobsledding from the perspective of the now world-famous Jamaican bobsled team. Players can use their Wii Balance Boards to control your sledder, and you can execute tricks for bonus speed or pelt opponents with snowballs to knock them off the course, which would make real bobsledding more exciting. Other bobsled games: * Ice Racer – * Covered in multi-event games

  • GO FOR THE GOLD (MULTI-EVENT GAMES) Vancouver 2010: The Official Video Game of the Olympic Winter Games ($50): Available for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC systems, this game provides "14 Premium events", including faster, action-oriented sports like giant slalom, snowboard cross, downhill skiing, short track speed skating and bobsled.

  • BIATHLON RTL Biathlon 2008 ($20): Hard to believe they made a stand-alone biathlon video game, but they did. Available for your PC, this game promises a "faithful adaptation of the biathlon sport and the original rules," and includes original tracks from Oberhof, Ruhpolding and Ostersund. Also promises "gripping" multiplayer modes. Other places for biathlon: * Nordic Chill – * Covered in multi-event games

  • CROSS-COUNTRY/NORDIC COMBINED Winter Sports: The Ultimate Challenge ($20): Cross-country skiing is not one of those games you'd see in a stand-alone game, but it is part of this game from 2008. The game also includes eight other sporting events in the winter genre in 15 disciplines. Other cross-country/Nordic combined games: * Nordic Chill –

  • Mountain Sports (about $15, Nintendo Wii): This multi-event game features six winter sports events, including snowboarding, skiing, cross-country, curling, bobsled and inner tube racing. Five out of the six events can be used with the Wii Balance Board.

  • FIGURE SKATING Imagine: Figure Skating and Imagine: Ice Champions (about $20 each): It's hard to find a figure skating video game, but we did find these games for the Nintendo DS system. The game lets you work with a virtual trainer to "achieve your aspirations on the ice", and you can play mini-games, design costumes and choreograph routines. Other figure skating-related games: * Championship Figure Skating – * Thin Ice –

  • SKI JUMPING Ski Jumping ($5): We're not sure this game could even work on a Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 system, but this older game offered 39 different jumping hills "created from photos and blueprints of actual ski jumps." It offered a competition, career mode and a tutorial and "spectacular graphics using the 3D Renderware 3.6 engine." Other ski-jumping related games: * Deluxe Ski Jump 3 * Insane Ski Jump – * Santa Ski Jump – * In Wii Fit, there's a ski jumping mini-game.

  • ALPINE SKIING Bode Miller Alpine Skiing ($45, PC): The game calls Bode Miller a "skiing superstar", but also this "role-playing racing game" offers 32 courses in 18 locations around the world. It includes arcade or simulation style, with multiplayer support for up to 12 players over the Internet or LAN. More power to you if you can find 11 other players who own this game to play at the same time.

  • ICE HOCKEY Olympic Hockey 98 (Nintendo 64): Considering hockey is one of the major sports in the United States, there are plenty of video games available for NHL-style hockey. But for Olympic style hockey, check out a used copy of this game, which features international hockey from the 1998 Nagano Olympics. Other hockey games: * NHL 10 * NHL 2K10 * Kidz Sports: Ice Hockey * Backyard Hockey * Polar Hockey – * Hockey Havoc –

  • SPEED SKATING Family Party 30 Great Games Winter Games: While there's not a stand-alone speed skating game that I could locate, I did notice a speed skating event as part of this multi-event game (speed skating is covered in some other multi-event games as well). Plus, this one features broom hockey! * Other speed skating games covered in multi-event games also.

  • LUGE and SKELETON Winter Sports 2 The Ultimate Challenge ($20, Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360): This multi-event game features an arcade-oriented take on many winter sporting events, including the only version of skeleton that we've been able to find. Other events include luge, ski jumping, snowboarding, biathlon and skiing. Other luge or skeleton games: * Down Hill Chill – * Toboggan Run –

  • With the 2010 Winter Olympics about to begin in Vancouver, the eyes of the world will be on the athletes as they go for the gold. Most of the rest of us will be watching from our living rooms.

  • SNOWBOARDING and FREESTYLE SKIING Shaun White Snowboarding: World Stage ($50): Available for the Nintendo Wii, this sequel to the original 2008 game has you playing in many different snowboarding events, performing tricks along the way. Strictly for snowboard fans.

  • CURLING Take Out Weight Curling 2 ($50, for PC): The curling video game that was so good that they needed to make a sequel. The "shuffleboard on ice" event gets its own game, with improvements such as better graphics, audio and game physics. In addition, the ice condition deteriorates over time, and the new version has a "skip only throw" option that lets you call all the shots without "getting your hands dirty." Other curling games: * Part of Nordic Chill –

  • Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games ($50): Available for the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS portable system, this game is a sequel to their summer version released in 2008. You can play as characters from the Mario and Sonic game universes, including Donkey Kong, Metal Sonic and others.

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