Seven social SharePoint apps built in a week

Microsoft invited seven startups to a competition aptly named SharePoint 2010 SocialFest. They built SharePoint apps for e-mail, microblogging, document swapping and market research

  • Ever find yourself sending files, photos, mockups and other information to your colleagues and clients but then drowning in their responses? If you need a better way to organize those conversations on the same topic from multiple people, and quickly bring people together, then Leverage Software DesignSpace might be the thing. It transforms a set of e-mail threads into a social workspace - automatically, with no data entry or administration required - and then lets you share that information with others in your company through Microsoft SharePoint 2010.

  • Confer is the maker of a set of social apps that include microblogging and secure chat. For the competition, Confer integrated its microblogging app into SharePoint 2010. In this way, Confer bridges the gap for communicating with internal employees and external peeps, simplifying communication.

  • Thousands of businesses globally use Huddle's cloud-based workspaces to mange projects, share information, collaborate on content and run meetings with teams outside the firewall. With Huddle for Microsoft SharePoint 2010, enterprise teams can invite external users into their daily workflow and synchronize their SharePoint document libraries with content stored on the Huddle network, or even on other SharePoint sites. SharePoint users can also gain access to their files through Huddle's online, mobile and desktop applications.

  • By the time a message has been replied to three times, the contents of it may no longer resemble the subject line. E-mail is actually a horrible tool for collaborating. Lost attachments, scattered project information, poor accountability all make it so. Calinda MindUP works with any e-mail application such as Microsoft Outlook to automatically capture, organize and structure e-mail interactions. It creates visual maps of all messages and attachments sent and received in an e-mail conversation. At Microsoft SharePoint 2010 SocialFest, Calinda developed a SharePoint 2010 "mail space" which groups related conversations, helping teams get a view of their projects, enhancing collaboration.

  • Microsoft released the public beta of SharePoint 2010 in November. Its claim to fame is its support of rapid app development. SharePoint has become one of Microsoft's most insanely popular products and Microsoft would like to see the 2010 version become the de facto platform for custom business social apps. To that end, the folks at Microsoft's Emerging Business Team held a contest the week of Jan. 25. They invited seven start-ups known for their social networking products to come to Microsoft. The challenge: build a social networking app on SharePoint 2010 in one week. The stakes: the competitors got to present their app to a roster of venture capitalists, Fortune 500 customers and other SharePoint experts. The winner, announced Friday, Jan. 29, is Huddle (skip to Slide 5 to see Huddle's winning project). But all the apps are interesting and are presented here, alphabetically.

  • Loqu8 Prelude integrates Microsoft SharePoint 2010 lists and search results into a pop-up window that is contextual to the work they are doing. From applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., users can instantly access their SharePoint data by hovering their mouse over a word in their document. The Loqu8 Prelude pop-up window will display contextually relevant information from SharePoint.

  • Cortex Intelligence's market intelligence app allows SharePoint 2010 users to pull-in data from external sources as SharePoint Web Parts. Web Parts are server-side controls that run inside special pages in an ASP.NET application or a Windows SharePoint Services site. The Cortex app can draw in quantitative market data, perform text mining on news articles and top it all off with qualified social media data. Cortex' SharePoint Web Parts also integrate with SharePoint's collaboration features, enabling users to share, discuss and act on the insights triggered by the market intelligence.

  • Liaise for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 turns text in e-mail messages into structured KeyPoints (actions/issues, due dates, people and priorities) and ensures SharePoint is always up-to-date by automatically feeding messages, KeyPoints and attachments into SharePoint, providing real-time updates to: Task/Issue Lists, Discussion Boards, Site Calendars and Documents.

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