Transformers mouse and USB drives

Toshiba plans to release Transformers accessories

  • Toshiba (under a pending deal with Hasbro) is planning to release Transformers accessories such as high-speed USB flash drives (Ravage and Decepticon), and an optical mouse (Grimlock, leader of the Dinobots). Pricing: About US$40 for the 4GB flash drive, and about US$50 for the optical mouse.

  • "Tigatron" Like Ravage, Tigatron can also become a 4.0GB USB flash drive that will carry data through the jungle (rainforest and urban)

  • "Trypticon" In dinosaur mode this Decepticon possesses phenomenal strength and endurance, and can withstand virtually any physical attack

  • "Grimlock" Grimlock is the most powerful of all the Autobot's Dinobots, each of which is extremely powerful.

  • "Tigatron" AKA "Unit 2" The Autobot is comfortable roaming by himself and in the wilderness of the Earth

  • "Tyrpticon" As a USB mouse Trypticon can be controlled by the left or right hand

  • "RAVAGE" The Decepticon scout likes to hide quietly in the cover of darkness until called upon to enact his diabolical plot again the Autobots

  • "RAVAGE" The robotic jaguar can change into a 4.0GB USB flash drive for transferring files and storing secret data

  • "GRIMLOCK" The Autobot changes from a gold-footed dinosaur into a fully functioning USB optical mouse

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