Nintendo's night of glamour: Models, celebrities and Mario

Nintendo recently demonstrated its five big games for the Summer season to a captive audience of celebrities, dancers, models and journalists. It was the perfect night, except that we couldn't walk away with the games afterwards.

  • Style Boutique is set to be a big game for Nintendo as it continues to attract casual gamers and women.
  • Nintendo Australia managing director, Rose Lappin (center), has every reason to be happy. Nintendo fans are in for a great Summer of gaming.

  • World champion salsa dancer, Luda Kroitor, and her Dancing with the Stars partner, Luke Jacobz, came along to let their hair down.

  • Rebecca Gibney gets into the game.

  • Of course, everyone expected Luda to do well at the balance exercises...

  • Alcohol and sports, or Wii Fit Plus is risky. Luckily, there was also The New Super Mario Brothers Wii and The Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Tracks to cool down with.

  • Professor Layton and Pandora's Box is a charming puzzle/ mystery game. Players solve riddles to track down a killer.
  • Jordan Lucas, Maude Garrett and Angus McLaren came along for a night of fun.

  • Nice golf swing!

  • "Give it a go?"

  • Proving Nintendo really is for all ages.

  • Wii Fit Plus was one of the highlights of the evening.

  • Here we see serious concentraion.

  • Nintendo was also showing off Style Boutique, a game all about the world of fashion.

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