Slideshow: iPhone apps for Aussie users

A collection of apps handy for users down under.

  • Pocket Weather AU – This app provides weather information with excruciating detail. It can tell you forecasts for hundreds of areas around Australia, sunrise and sunset times, generate tide graphs and automatically find your local weather using your current location. Information is sourced from the Bureau of Meteorology.

    And it doesn’t look half bad either.

  • SYDMalls – For the directionally challenged, SYDMalls is an app that, as the software’s notes aptly put it, “helps you navigate in increasingly large and horribly layout malls”. Over 60 Sydney shopping establishments are covered and it has a location sensing feature that automatically identify which mall a user is in. Even store information such as telephone number, level and unit numbers are listed. Nifty.
  • CLO Software traffic Australia – To avoid roadrage, users can exploit this app for a map view of the traffic conditions in their surrounding area. Traffic incidents are also reported with details available for individual events. (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane users)
  • SouthFreo iiQuota – Phone and ISP usage can be monitored directly on the iPhone to avoid exorbitant excess data charges. It’s not the sexiest app around but, boy, is it useful!
  • ABC iPhone App – For news, sport, weather, TV guides, movie times; this app has it all. And the best part? It’s free to download.
  • Facebook for iPhone 3.0 – Social networking addicts can indulge in Facebook’s iPhone app. While this progeny does contain condensed features than the original website, it contains all the essential bits for an adequate experience.
  • – While strictly more an iPhone optimised website than an app, it is a handy tool for house hunters and prospect renters to look up property information on the go.
  • Oz broadband speed test – Again, this is more a website suited to the iPhone, users can test their connection speeds at a push of a button.
  • Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite 1.2 – Need to type out a urgent report on the go but don’t have a notebook at hand? Luckily you can do it on your iPhone with this Quickoffice app. For composing a document or spreadsheet, the app supports standard Microsoft Office docx and xlsx formats. As for viewing, Word, PowerPoint, PDF and Excel documents are compatible. Users can import files through USB or an ad-hoc Wi-Fi network.
  • Railtime Sydney – Anyone that lives in Sydney and rely on the public transport system can appreciate this app. Users can view the next five trains and all available services 24/7. An internet connection is not required since the information is stored straight onto the iPhone though this does mean it does not factor in service interruptions and trackwork. Route maps are also available. (South Coast, Southern Highlands, Blue Mountains, Newcastle & Central Coast)
  • StockWatch app supporting ASX – The stock market is a precarious thing, so for updates on stock movements on the ASX, this app will be a Godsend.
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