Robots, Gadgets and Toys - the best of CEATEC

Some of the most creative, clever, or just plain brave prototypes and emerging technologies were on show during this year's CEATEC show. Check out our picks from the event.

  • Speech recognition has always been a difficult technology, perhaps Toshiba have it right with this?

  • Other than robots, this golf swing analyzer was possibly the coolest toy on display at the show.

  • 3D is the way of the future if Panasonic has its way, showing up to CEATEC with a 3D recorder.

  • Nissan came up with a way to help drivers stay green - an eco-driving tool app for the iPhone.

  • Yamaha comes up with the goods - a girl robot with green hair!

  • Rounding things out is some new mobile phone technology.

  • Yamaha took a break from female robots to show off this - a piano sharing gadget.

  • Yamaha again, with another female robot, looking quite sci-fi.

  • That said, it's going to take more than fancy gadgets to save my golf swing.

  • The notebook of the future? A flexible OLED prototype was on display at the show.

  • What better way to kick things off than with a bunch of cute lil' robots? These come from Nissan.

  • Either really cute, or quite disturbing, depending on which way you look at it, these robots come from Murata.

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