Distribution Central's new offices

Distribution Central's new offices feature twice the space of the previous headquarters along with new kitchens and a teambuilding Nintendo Wii.

  • Distribution Central staff battle it out for virtual tennis domination. From L to R: Derk van Ogtrop, national sales manager for annuity systems; Carineh Grigorian, marketing manager; Gernot Schreiner, security engineer for Firewall Systems; Nathan George, inside sales for Firewall business unit.

  • The new offices have a series of larger boardrooms and waiting areas.

  • The new premises are rougly double the size of the previous office.

  • Distribution Central's new offices.

  • A specialised training room is used for reseller conferences as well as team building excercises.

  • Distribution Central has recently [[artnid:311858|moved into its new headquarters]] at St Leonards.

  • Distribution Central's new offices.

  • Distribution Central's new offices.

  • One popular and important activity revolves around the Nintendo Wii found in the training room..

  • The staff gather in the main entrance to the office.

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