10 iPhone games you gotta have

Here are 10 of the best iPhone/iPod Touch games so far! What are your favorites?

  • 5. Drop7

    Drop7 might be built on a foundation of math, but give it a chance anyway. Its sleek, modern look and oddly captivating rules make Drop7 a must-have iPhone puzzler. You won't be able to put it down as you compete against yourself to constantly improve your high score.

    It's all about numbers, but Drop7 will stimulate every part of your brain as you struggle to clear the 7 X 7 game board.
  • 8. geoDefense

    The tower defence genre is a popular one for the iPhone and iPod touch, and geoDefense blows them all right out of the water. You're forced to be pretty thrifty at the outset, but once you start mowing down some creeps, the money starts to roll in and you can spend a little more wildly. geoDefense is the game that taught me defense games don't have to be boring.
  • 7. Eliss

    Eliss might be severely difficult, but it utilizes the iPhone's unique capabilities better than any other game out there. And you won't mind staring at its cosmically beautiful animation for as long as it takes; it's like watching a fireworks display. Enchanting sound effects and one-of-a-kind gameplay also contribute to one of the best deals you can find at the App Store.
  • 10. Sway

    The iPhone offers developers some pretty innovative options as far as controls go, and Sway is a splendid example of how they can be used fully. Its 3-D graphics are some of the best of any game on this device, and its spot-on 'ragdoll physics' deliver a truly fresh gaming experience.
  • 3. Flight Control

    Whether it's the sleepy elevator music, infectiously simple gameplay, or the insane pressure you feel when things start to get crazy, this air-traffic control simulator is like a dangerous game of juggling. Flight Control is hard proof that games don't need to be complicated to be winners.
  • 6. Wolfenstein 3D Classic

    If this blocky first-person shooter looks familiar, it?s because you played it for dozens of hours on the family PC during your formative years. This perfect replica translates beautifully to the iPhone, but it's a good bet that blowing away Nazis with a chain gun would be a hit on any device.
  • 9. Bloons

    With a price of only one smacker and 100 thoughtfully crafted levels, Bloons might be the iPhone game that'll give you the most bang for your buck. The title's already got ample street cred from its Flash version, and it brings the same puzzle/action formula over to the iPhone for a delightful yet often frustrating experience.
  • 10 of the Best iPhone/iPod Touch Games So Far

    There might be thousands and thousands of game choices at the App Store, but the sad truth is that most of them aren't worth your time — or money. Here's a list of the ten games that every iPhone or iPod touch owner should have. If you're missing any, download it now so you're not humiliated the next time somebody asks to check out your iPhone.
  • 2. Ragdoll Blaster

    Ragdoll Blaster is the first game from Backflip Studios, whose second effort, Paper Toss, is currently tearing things up in the free aisle at the App Store. It caused much less of a stir than its younger brother, but Ragdoll Blaster is definitely the star of the family. Firing hundreds of limp bodies out of a cannon over 73 (soon to be 100+) levels? Sounds like an instant classic to me.
  • 1. Peggle

    Before hitting the App Store, Peggle had already earned a reputation as one of the most addictive casual games available for a number of other platforms. But since its release for the iPhone and iPod touch, it seems the whole world has come down with a righteous case of Peggle fever. The iPhone version is overflowing with vivacious content that mysteriously never gets old. It should be a native app.
  • 4. Rolando

    Rolando has been one of the most talked about iPhone games since its release, and for good reason — its unique mix of platform and puzzle elements set it miles apart from the competition. The undeniably adorable artwork and scintillating soundtrack, courtesy of British DJ Mr. Scruff, round out this cute but serious diversion. Keep alert for the soon-to-be-released Rolando 2: Quest for the Golden Orchid.
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