Wacky Tech: 10 gadgets to raise your eyebrows

From Bongos on T-Shirts to Transforming USBs; <i>ARN</i> Brings you 10 wacky and amusing gadgets.

  • TrElectronic Bongo Drum T-Shirt: Why play those cumbersome REAL bongos when you can do it on a T-Shirt?
  • Grenade Alarm Clock: An alarm clock that will leave your ears ringing (may induce deafness)
  • Ultimate Key Finder: For those who have ever experienced the "WHERE ON EARTH ARE MY KEYS?" moment, this product is a Godsend.
  • Condiment Gun: Sauces tastes better when shot out of a gun... Unless you have a terrible aim.
  • USB Plasma Ball: For those who have a spare USB port and are easily amused, this may be the perfect product for you.
  • MagWear Magnetic Wrist band:I can see this becoming a hot fashion accessory in the near future.
  • Transforming USB Flash Memory (2 GB): Possibly the coolest Transformer ever made, this USB is so bad-ass, it even comes with a safety warning.
  • Talking Motorcycle Grip Bottle Opener: As if being a motorcycle grip isn't impressive enough, this bottle opener even talks back.
  • Talking Tongue Bottle Opener: Even the talking function can't save this hideous bottle opener.
  • Brugo Coffee Mug: Designed to keep coffee at the Perfect Temperature Zone (PTZ)... Methinks this is a fancy thermos.
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