Slideshow: Strategic Solution Selling roundtable

ARN recently pulled together a range of industry representatives to talk how to make a strategic solutions sale.

  • "[Solution selling is] not about the actual technology we’re providing them with, but the business solution." Pushkar Taneja, GlobalConnect

  • "Our role is to be a thought leader, to understand new technology and trends, and to understand what other organisations, with similar issues, have done in the market place. If we can't do that better than the vendor, we don't have a spot at the table" - Mark Johnston, Service Elements

  • “I think the realisation from a vendor point of view generally is we’ve committed to the channel, in good times and bad times, and in a year or two years’ time when we come out of this, we’ll need our channel” - Gavin Lawless, Avnet

  • "We’re spending a lot of time in our business today identifying the customer’s pain point, as well as what other divisions are affected by that. Once you have those pain points, you can start to define value in relation to what your solution is. Once you determine that, you get to an ROI and TCO" - Mark Ablett, Juniper Networks

  • "You take the right solution to the right person in any organisation and the money will be there." - Joe McPhillips, CommVault

  • “Customer are very savvy – in selling it used to be that where mystery is, there’s margin. Now they know what project they’re going to do, what they require, and they’ve done their homework” - Joe Arcuri, IBM

  • “When uncovering business issues, you have got to keep in front of the customer – it’s very easy when things get hard to go back into your shell and hope it’ll be alright. Now is the time to keep the conversation going with the customer” - Andy Hurt, Avaya

  • "From an outsider’s point of view looking into this industry, the one thing we have to get into our heads is the solution is the thing that helps the customer modify their business so they are better off, not the technology necessarily being the answer." - John Butel, Organised Solutions

  • "[Keeping the same procurement strategy] means the business doesn’t have to go to the financier and ask to enter into a new agreement – because they are worried that maybe they’ll get knocked back." - Greg Wade, Frontline Systems

  • "Solution selling, as opposed to pure product selling or quoting, is the way to continue to improve your business and bring in revenues you need when times get a bit tough." Paul Cosgrove, Tardis

  • "The days of vendors putting products on a dock, and us picking it up, shipping it to a customer and getting payment in 45 days, are gone. That’s the biggest change this industry is going to see. We’re going to need those items, but they’ll need to be wrapped up with a service" - Craig Neil, NSC

  • "One of the big challenges for us is to change the psyche in the corporate environment at the moment, which is focused on cost reduction. I’d suggest there has been an email sent around to every employee by every organisation asking them to cut costs" - Gerald Lipman, Fredon

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