10 worst tech products ever reviewed

  • Wowee Robopanda 1 star ( Do not be fooled by its cute exterior. This toy is difficult to set-up and lacks any innovative functions.
  • Philips HC200 1 star (PC World): Scoring a meagre star rating, the review warns readers to spurn the disappointing headset.
  • Envision V-Cam 1 star ( Cheap price and even cheaper quality.
  • Acer PD727 Projector 1.5 stars (PC World): A permanent rainbow effect may sound wonderful, but it makes projected images "completely unwatchable".
  • Big Rigs: On the road racing 1 star ( Considered one of the worst games ever made, this Activision abomination is incomplete and "transcend nearly every boundary put forth by some of gaming's absolute worst of the worst".
  • Leadtek My DigiBank 1.5 stars (PC World): Too many better and cheaper alternatives means this USB flash drive would be poor choice.
  • i-mate JAQ 2 stars ( The handset carries an unreliable touchscreen and could not compare to the E61.
  • Lexmark P310 21.5 (PC World): No output tray, poor print quality and high cost per page were just several flaws of this printer.
  • Archos 105 MP3 player 67/100 (PC World US): Carrying too many features for its clunky software to handle, the great price was dampened by lack of video format flexibility.
  • Uniden UDC-7M Camera 1.5 (PC World): The camera performed abysmally in almost all lab tests.
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