Slideshow: Managed Services roundtable

ARN recently held a roundtable with a selection of key industry vendors and partners to discuss the managed services phenomenon. Here are some of the highlight comments made during the roundtable event.

  • "With the advances in technology, a lot of managed services is remote work – people can access systems, configure them and provide services remotely far more than they used to." - Dominic Whitehand, WhiteGold Solutions

  • “Managed services are coming through in the SMB space because their reliance on IT now is so great. Having email and Internet access is up there with air and alcohol in importance.” - Gavin Matthews, Seccom Global

  • "Outsourcing in the past is about buying people “well” to drive savings. What makes managed services tangible to our sales people is to say anything with an SLA and term against it." - Michael Van Zoggel, ComputerCorp

  • Managed services roundtable attendees

  • "SMB has always been the sweet spot, and logically, they’re the ones that should be adopting managed services." - Andrew Milroy, Frost & Sullivan

  • "One concern we have is customers see managed services as a way of reducing costs in their business. Typically, that can be the case on some occasions, but often when we engage with a client who has that as their primary goal on the outset, success is not there." - Frank Falcone, Datacom

  • “A lot of people refer to traditional IT outsourcing as taking jobs offshore and doing things cheaper by using a cheaper labour force. Whereas managed services is using that trusted advisor delivering IT services right now, and doing things in a more efficient way.” - Tim Dickinson, Kaseya

  • "Being able to offer that level of flexibility as well is important. You don’t want to have one or two packages you’re forcing on every potential customer." - Scott Atkinson, Netforce

  • “It’s all about what we perceive as managed services and getting that out there as a benchmark. So customers know that if they’re paying something $1000 to manage their network, that provider is not doing so from a beanbag in their garage. It’s a standard and you have to have the facilities to do it.” - Craig Barnett, CeTech

  • "A managed service, ultimately, is a fixed fee for a fixed set of services, or products every month." - Ryan Spillane, Correct Solutions

  • "You have to understand their business and processes, not just be a service provider selling them hardware or software." - Craig Stones, S Central

  • “A lot of organisations are asking why they keep trying to focus on IT, and want to focus on core business. As long as they can align IT with business requirements and support business with critical applications, that’s fine.” - Klasie Holtzhausen, CA

  • “You are offering a service your competitor is not, so customers are going to benchmark against that.” - Gary O’Sullivan, Vasco

  • "Managed services is not just product; they can’t pay for the people to run the products for them. That’s what a good MSP [managed services provider] does for small businesses." - Ray McIntrye, Kaseya

  • “In days gone by, people didn’t want to trust their critical applications with an external provider. Now, not only do they trust you, but the conversation is with the business person and it’s far more business-to-business. And they don’t look to buy a car and then source a gearbox or engine separately and get an engineer to put it together. They’re just after a Ford or Holden that works. Same with IT – they just want a system in place that works.” - Conrad Hilder, PK Business Advantage

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