Slideshow: Securing content roundtable

ARN recently pulled together a group of security industry representatives to talk about the challenges of securing content, as well as best practices and the channel partner's role

  • “A lot of people don’t realise security is a process; it’s not a product. You don’t just put the Band-Aid on and things improve – you have to continuing look at, revisit and improve.” - Wayne Small, Correct Solutions

  • “I think a threat to business isn’t just the bottom line, but productivity. Time being money, you have to make sure the content is being regulated as much as it is secured.” - Kendal Cole, Express Data

  • “As an industry, we put buzzword after buzzword out to customers. As an end user, you’re looking at DLP, NAC, cloud computing….we’re not getting to the point of asking ‘what is your content’. Users don’t understand which content to protect.” - Jeremy Hulse, Marshal8e6

  • “If you can get the company to evolve those processes, and in real-time think about how processes make business requirements, and how you drive productivity and security, you start to get wider coverage of the business issues are.” Bruce Green, Marshal8e6

  • “We all think we’re part of the solution, because we know all there is to know about security. But where’s our input coming from?” - Les Howarth, SecureWorx

  • "In an environment where data is flowing everywhere, how do you synchronise all the rules? If you're leveraging services, for example, you have particular rules that apply to your organisation, and the cloud provider has a separate set of rules. It's a very complex environment we're moving into." - Frank Canas, Commonwealth Bank.

  • "You can go and talk all you want about it [content security], but no one owns the problem." - Phil Mulley, Secure Worx

  • Intellectual property has never been more valuable and it's never been more vulnerable. Networks are becoming increasingly porous, computing is becoming distributed, and unless that awareness at a customer level is raised and accepted as reality it's a very tough sale. Straight after an event is when people believe." - Peter Bainbridge, Datacom

  • "The meaning of content to customers is different across the board: You may be protecting content for compliancy issues; you might be protecting content vastly more sensitive than standard content, such as credit card information that is operational, or mission critical content you need to protect; you might be a legal firm that’s protecting client information. A lot of these things have different outcomes if they’re breached or compromised." - Dominic Whitehand, WhiteGold Solutions

  • "Surely our job as reseller/integrator is to educate the customers on what they’re doing as a business, and try to find out what’s driving them." - Peter Campbell, Klikon Solutions

  • " If you are going to sell security to an organisation, they’re going to see security as equalling cost. But if you can also show them the productivity gains they get, and a measurable return on investment, they’re far more likely to purchase." - Michael Litherland, Litherland

  • "If someone wants to get in, bars aren’t going to stop them. And we’re not going to be able to stop them." - Andrew Dimech, Datacom

  • "Have we really seen cloud yet? I think companies are looking at it very seriously, but when you talk about the security and integrity of your data, I see companies taking a step back and making sure what they do, they can do securely and properly." - Peter Ellis, Loop Technology

  • "About 6-9 months ago, everyone was talking about DLP, but it hasn’t happened. Customers aren’t interested in this area. They are more concerned about hackers from the outside." - Phil Wurth, Content Security

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