Slideshow: Desktop virtualisation roundtable

ARN recently invited a selection of key industry representatives to discuss desktop virtualisation and the impact of the economic downturn on take-up and sales strategies.

  • "The back-office and the server room in some ways is simple, but out in the front office you have to deal with a lot of people, politics and it really is a different skills set." - Rob Ritchie, Rodd Consulting

  • “The single biggest barrier for VDI is not the remote experience – in large enterprise, it’s that they don’t know how much it costs to manage their PCs” - David Wakeman, VMware

  • “Typically, infrastructure managers struggle enough to keep the critical servers and production environment to SLAs, to worry about the laptops.” - Ronnie Altit, Dimension Data

  • "In the beginning, virtualisation was about consolidation and containing cost. Now we are making a leap." - Manish Sharma, VMware

  • “If you look at partners in the market today, most are looking at how to provide some level of managed services and consulting services in their offering” - David Lenz, Ingram Micro

  • “There’s a lot of buzz and hype around the economic downturn, and people pulling back and trying to save money, but it’s just a lot more work to get the same outcome” - Shadi Haddad, Ethan Group

  • “You can imagine in the next couple of years how much client virtualisation technology will mature. I think osteopaths and chiropractors will probably go out of business, because people won’t be lugging their heavy laptops around – they might get a cramp in their leg from the BlackBerry, but that’s about it” - David Blackman, VMware

  • “With this economic climate, the issue is psychological: People don’t want to embrace change in these times or upset the apple cart. You have to convince them more on the value” - Jake Wynne, Oriel

  • “There is no way businesses treat their server environments with that lack of respect they got away with around desktops.”- Peter Levett, Thomas Duryea

  • “Desktop virtualisation is simple, neat, elegance and has a cleanness to it. All these customers I have, that never could do Citrix Presentation server because it was too expensive on a per head, per licence basis, look at this and say ‘maybe I can do this’” - Sean Murphy, Nexus IT

  • “If you put a lot of machines in one box, the network wouldn’t cope very well. But by merging and bringing collaboration between storage and the network, which is Cisco’s play, they are removing the barrier. I think they are validating the move to the VDI space.” - Jean-Marc Annonier, IDC

  • “As the thin desktop stops working, who do those users go to? They don’t go to desktop support, it goes back to the network team, because it has become more difficult to work out the actual cause of the problem” - Tony Wilkinson, TAS

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