Top 10 MySpace apps Down Under unveils the top 10 apps that Aussies go to for their entertainment fix.

  • 9. Heroes br> This app creates epic heroes in a land of magical warfare. Build you own kingdom and invite your friends around!
  • 6. Tag Me br> It's one thing to simply appear in a photo, but now you can be labelled 'outgoing,' 'shy,' or a 'party animal' in a photo too.
  • 1. Mobsters br> This Underbelly-inspired app allows friends to group together and start a Mob. You can rise from a petty thief to Mafia Don!
  • 3. Mafia Wars br> Similar to the Mobsters app, you can start a Mafia family with your friends and run crime operations.
  • 5. Street Racing br> Start a crew of street racers with your friends, buy fast cars, and race!
  • 2. Truth Box 1 br> Put this on your profile to find out what people really think about you, and discover the truth about yourself...if you dare!
  • 8. Poker Palace br> The second free online poker app to make it in the top 10.
  • 10. YoVille br> Create an avatar, design your apartment and meet friends in the largest virtual world on MySpace.
  • 7. Vampires br> In this old favourite you can kill vampires, earn blood money and power over your enemies to buy your way to the top.
  • 4. Texas Hold’em Poker br> Aussies are competing with over 7 million players in the biggest free Texas Hold’em Poker game on the net.
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