Ingram Micro changes

  • Ingram increases freight charges Distributor will add $5 fee to drop shipments and a 9 per cent increase to general freight 09 October, 2008

  • Updated: Freeland to exit Ingram Australia Distributor confirms he will be replaced by New Zealand managing director, Jay Miley 22 October, 2008

  • Incoming Ingram chief lays out vision New managing director, Jay Miley, outlines his vision for the Australian market as he looks to take over from Guy Freeland 07 November, 2008

  • Ingram Micro sends jobs to Malaysia Distributor cuts 16 staff from its Australian commercial credit management team 12 February, 2009

  • Ingram Micro chief flags changes Jay Miley outlines his views on the market and indicates a possible redeployment of Ingram's resources 18 February, 2009

  • Ingram Micro sees global sales slump Distributor blames weaker market demand and currencies for a drop in global sales 19 February, 2009

  • Ingram cuts staff Retrenchments include Solution Group manager, Stuart Ellis 03 March, 2009

  • Miley: Staff restructure aims to improve customer focus Jay Miley says the distributor will bring on 25 staff after making 7% of its workforce redundant 03 March, 2009

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