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  • Westcon introduces financing for channel: The new offering covers hardware, software and services over a 3 - 5 year period. Called Westcon Group Capital, it can also be used for commercial rental and finances leases, master rentals, sales and rent back, staff and school programs and insurance.
  • NSW netbook tender shortlist down to six: ASI Solutions, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Dell and HP are shortlisted to the NSW Department of Education and Training netbook tender. The deal is worth hundreds of millions of dollars as it aims to cover 197,000 year 9 - 12 secondary students.
  • Australian Google partner launches cloud computing program: Enterprise partner, Devnet, unveils what it claims as the first cloud computing program for businesses. Cloud Ready tools analysing the customer business model and why they're opting of this type of environment.
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    Melbourne IT posts double-digit growth: For the sixth year in a row, the hosting provider experiences a 17 per cent increase in net profit amounting to $16.2 million. The company attributes 90 per cent of its revenues came from annuity services and has plans to launch a new cloud type offering for customers.
  • Heron to exit Corporate Express: After 19 years with the reseller, IT solutions general manager, Marcus Heron departs. COO, Malcolm Keefe, denies he was retrenched and said the two reached a mutual agreement.
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