New Windows Mobile UI images leaked out

While some of the announcements Microsoft plans to make at the Mobile World Congress have already leaked out, the new user interface on Windows Mobile 6.5 may pleasantly surprise mobile users when it is unveiled at the show.

  • Windows Mobile 6.5 introduces a new Lock screen so you can now respond to interactive user interface elements with a simple PIN even if the device is locked. Notifications -- such as those for missed calls, voice mail, e-mail, text and calendar items -- are more intuitive and actionable on the Lock screen. Quickly select if you want to check your voicemail, read your e-mail or text message first.

  • Microsoft showed off its latest upgrade to Windows Mobile, version 6.5, and announced it will appear in phones early in the second half of the year. It also will announce that it is working on an applications store as well as an updated version of mobile Internet Explorer, and will open up a limited beta of its My Phone mobile backup service. br> Pictured here: Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer speaks at a press conference during Mobile World Congress 2009, Barcelona, Spain, February 16, 2009.

  • Windows Mobile 6.5 phones include a powerful new Internet Explorer Mobile browser that presents desktop-quality rendering and Adobe Flash Lite to view the real Web. The browser allows you to search in the address bar of the browser and now has auto-complete suggestions helping to make it quicker to get to the sites you are looking for.

  • The new Start screen, characterized by a honeycomb interface, is designed for use with your fingers to accurately select the application, folder, game or setting quickly and easily.

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