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  • Harvey closes office and stationery chain: Mass retailer, Harvey Norman says it will shut down five OFIS shops over the coming months due to poor financial performance and the ailing economy. The retailer is trying to relocate most of the 120 OFIS staff across the Harvey divisions.
  • ACS, AIIA disappointed at Rudd stimulus package: Industry bodies welcome the $42 billion stimulus package booster but say they are frustrated about the lack of ICT infrastructure spending. Some claim it is a missed opportunity to invest in Australia's digital economy.
  • itX boasts solid half yearly result: Distributor records $4.41 million profit, only 8.2 per cent down from last year's $4.8 million, and highlights software and virtualisation as growth areas. But managing director, Laurie Sellers, admits conditions in the hardware space are tough.
  • Harrison quits Cellnet: For the second time, Stephen Harrison resigns from his CEO post at the distributor. Chief financial officer, Stuart Smith, takes on the responsibility and aims to improve business performance.
  • ComputerCorp warns of revenue drop: ASX-listed integrator points finger at slower government and state spending for a dip in half-yearly revenues. The result represented a 19 per cent year-on-year drop and $1.1 million operating loss.
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