10 IT management companies to watch

A look at the technology that these start-ups say will make them stand out from the pack

  • AppDNA: ApTitude
    Automatically extracts and stores application 'DNA' and analyzes it to determine the best placement for the application and to assess the potential impact of change in your environment.
  • Zyrion: Traverse
    Business Container technology enables IT and business personnel to create unique virtual views of discrete business services; monitors key performance indicators and transactions to report on performance; and tracks SLA compliance.
  • Newcomers delivering technologies designed to help organizations automate tasks, do more work with fewer resources and streamline operational processes could weather the financial storm better than some.

  • SevOne: Performance Appliance Solution (PAS)
    Collects network and application performance management data using SNMP, NetFlow, sFlow, IPFIX and other protocols to help network managers plan for capacity, allocate resources and identify bandwidth consumption.
  • Hyper9: Hyper9
    Searches configuration and other data across physical and virtual environment; aggregates data and presents it through a Web-based interface, coupling the search results with business intelligence metrics and potential actions to take in response to search results.
  • PacketTrap Networks: Perspective
    Baselining capabilities that record normal network behavior and identifies when abnormal activities occur; simulation features that let network managers recreate traffic flows from any location on the network.
  • Porttracker: porttracker
    Collates and displays information to provide a comprehensive insight into what is connected to your network.
  • BlueStripe Software: FactFinder for VMware
    Provides application discovery and dependency mapping in virtual environments; reports on application health and performance; detects and isolates potential performance bottlenecks or service failures.
  • New Relic: Rails performance management (RPM)
    Monitors performance with a key metrics dashboard; allows IT staff to view time-series graphs; and provides a real-time performance breakdown of controller action data.
  • Apptio: IT Cost Transparency
    Provides visibility into the costs, utilization and operations of IT products and services; and performs "what-if" analysis that enables IT to better plan projects and make budget decisions.
  • DynamicOps: Virtual Resource Manager (VRM)
    Queries the environment to find available resources; IT managers use a management console to allocate virtual resources and assign permissions.
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