Green IT: Beyond the hype

  • "We have been looking to use our broad knowledge of technology internally while also talking to business partners to see if they have an understanding of what green IT really means and how they can use it for future services." - Ingram Micro's Thomas Fikentscher

  • "We think of green IT in two areas - we need to reduce the environmental impact of IT itself through our products, then use technology as an enabler." - Fujitsu's Alison O'Flynn

  • "Bottom dollar is driving a lot of this - server and storage technologies are becoming more efficient but the positive impact on the environment is a bi-product." Genisys' Robert Georgievski

  • "You have to take the myth out of green IT because it adds real value." - IBM's Chris Fasseau

  • "It's a case of being able to explain the benefits of new technologies with the green factor as an extra feel good factor." - Ethan Group's Carl Barnard

  • "Clients want to lower their emissions are looking at green IT because it gives them a credible statement to go to market with." - Carbon Planet's Iain Smale

  • "We are in the 100-250 seats space and a lot of our clients don't even know what their carbon footprint is." - Inspire IT's Alan Burt

  • "There is a bit of a dilemma because we've had kickback from customers that think this is another Y2K." - PKBA's Peter Kazacos

  • "A lot of organisations have decided [green IT] is the right thing to do in line with their corporate strategy but whether they are basing purchasing decisions on it is still undetermined." - Datacom's Andrew Peel

  • "In the mid-market, directors have the best intentions without necessarily having the ability to execute." - ComputerCorp's Tony Heywood

  • "Green IT solutions have to be flexible and cater for future growth but they also help you to go to bed at night thinking you've done good things as a corporate citizen." - VMware's David Blackman

  • "It gets harder to talk about green IT with smaller organisations because the people running the business own the business and to them it's a big cost." - Somerville Group's Adrian Toole

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