SLIDESHOW: Future on the rack

ARN recently brought together a panel of industry experts to discuss a range of datacentre issues.

  • “If you look at the cloud concept, the idea of having everything sat in a datacentre is not important because most businesses don’t want anything to do with IT” EMC’s David Webster

  • “Somebody has to do the portfolio analysis and individual companies struggle with that” IBM’s Howard Mann

  • “The number one issue for a CIO is cost reduction and electricity is a prime target for that” Dimension Data’s Ronnie Altit

  • “There’s always an operational part of the business that’s looking for the cheapest way to do something” Fujitsu’s Perry Delaney

  • “There are real savings to be made from looking at this issue differently” APC’s Gordon Makryllos

  • “You can tie the pricing model to how the customer looks at their business and, as a result, increase revenue and make more profit” VMware’s Paul Harapin

  • “When we asked them if they were willing to pay an extra $2000 per server for a green chip the answer was ‘no, we’re not’” Technical Architecture Solutions’ Tony Wilkinson

  • “Carbon emissions from datacentres and IT are on a par with the airline industry” Cisco’s Dylan Morrison

  • “Once you educate them, they realise they can scale to 160kW in 50sqm and save $75,000 per month in real estate. It’s a no-brainer” Canberra Data Centres’ Greg Boorer

  • “I think it’s a bit optimistic to suggest datacentre issues will be over in two years. Most organisations will spend the next two years waking up to those issues” IBRS’s Kevin McIsaac

  • “There are lots of things that cause revenue runoff and there’s always something to replace it” Unisys’ Lee Ward

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