TiVo - a picture tour

TiVo will launch in Australia on July 29. It is both a set top box and hard disk recorder allowing users to record in High Definition free to air TV shows. Unlike the similar Foxtel IQ, which requires a monthly subscription fee, TiVo requires a one off $699 purchase price and no ongoing fees.

  • The TiVo can store about 60 hours of TV shows in SD mode and 20 hours in HD

  • Accessing the EPG

  • TiVo Central is the main menu page which then directs users to where they want to go

  • There are a number of ways users can search TV Shows: titles, by directors or Category (keyword search terms)

  • TiVo will sell for $699 at Harvey Norman and Domayne stores. Other merchants will come on board later in the year

  • A list of the features that ship with the TiVo. For example, if you tag a program as Season Pass, the TiVo will automatically record that TV show for the duration of its season on TV

  • The TiVo remote control unit

  • The device will require a broadband connection in order to gain access to the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG). Internet connectivity also allows users to download firmware updates for the device. TiVo can connect wirelessly but this requires the purchase of a separate adapter

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