Unified Communications: Opinions

  • 10 new words you need to know in Silicon Valley

    As mobile and consumer technology alters our lives, new coinages bubble up in the social networks to capture and express how people live. Here are 10 new words you need to know in order to describe the culture of Silicon Valley as well as the culture changes the valley is bringing into existence.

  • ADTRAN offers Virtual Network Function for CPE

    ADTRAN has launched its Virtual Network Function (VNF) solution suite, offering telecom and cable service providers a way to transition customer premises equipment (CPE) solutions to virtualized, software-based networks.

  • The PSTN transition to VoIP: Going green

    We've discussed some of the advantages of transitioning the PSTN to IP, but there we haven't yet covered the environmental implications of the pending transition. At their annual partner conference Perspectives14, GENBAND hosted a discussion which addressed the power costs behind the PSTN, pointing out the benefits an IP transition.

  • Four things to watch post-CES

    As the dust settles from the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show, here are four trends worth looking at based on some products that were announced at the show. On my radar screen for the year:

  • The competitive landscape

    While it's still early days, Australian companies are quickly warming to UC. In fact, Gartner research vice-president, Geoff Johnson, believes we are just as advanced as any economy in Europe or North America. However, as no one vendor is able to provide a complete UC solution - and are not expected to do so for the next three years - there is a vital need for partnering and cooperation between suppliers over the coming years.

  • All-in-one communications

    There's no doubt about it - the way we communicate is changing. The advent of the Internet and the proliferation of mobile phones has left us all with at least three different phone numbers (work, home and mobile), multiple email addresses, online profiles and instant messenger clients.

  • IBM's top 5 predictions for unified communications: Desktop computers and phones will disappear

    VoiceCon 2008 wrapped up in the US last week and the conference was jam-packed with news, announcements, and observable trends so we will spend the next several editions reviewing a few highlights. In his keynote address, Mike Rhodin, Lotus Software general manager gave five predictions about global unified communications and in a follow-up interview, Larry got the chance to find out how IBM will invest up to US$1 billion to help meet the changing business communications requirements.

Why demand for rugged computing is on the rise

Mobile technology is clearly the future for business. IDC research shows that 79 per cent of businesses are buying and supporting notebooks for their employees. On top of that, 86 per cent are supplying their employees with smartphones, and 62 per cent are providing tablets.. Read more