Storage: Case studies

Case studies
  • A new lease on life

    Operating in multiple countries amid the commodities boom is great for business, especially if one of those nations is Australia. But when faced with a marked increase in data storage requirements, while utilising an older IT infrastructure, the business can risk missing out on opportunities because of poor performance.

  • Virtualization helps school with storage woes

    When it comes to flexible enterprise storage, the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine doesn't horse around. Over the last six months, the college has been putting its 7TB storage area network through its paces, using it for nearline backup and primary storage, and has this insight to share: Storage virtualization is the cat's meow.

Huawei: Investing In Australia

Huawei’s success is tied to its ability to plant the seeds of the future, a philosophy that underscores its heavy investment in the countries in which it operates. It is also at the heart of the research and development it finances to ensure the company is not only a major innovator but also delivers cutting edge technology solutions.. Read more