Networking: Opinions

  • 10GBase-T brings blazing speed

    As the density of devices in enterprise networks and data centers increases, there is an emerging need for low-cost, 10G bit/sec Ethernet over twisted-pair cabling. A 10GBase-T standard in the works will support 10G Ethernet over new wiring at distances of up to 330 feet and existing wiring at distances of up to 182 feet.

  • 802.11n to bring high speeds, power management to Wi-Fi

    A year ago, 802.11n, the next generation of Wi-Fi that will bring higher speeds and other advantages to the wireless LAN table, was a gleam in the industry's eye. Today, 60-odd partial or complete proposals for how to achieve above-100Mbps WLAN speeds have been submitted to the IEEE 802.11 Working Group, which will review them in mid-September.

  • Another Cisco face lift?

    For some, Cisco Systems recent acquisition of Procket's intellectual property seems to signal that the network giant has no strategy. What it really signals is that Cisco has too many strategies and that at least some in the company are trying to fix the problem. The question now is whether they can succeed.

  • PERSPECTIVES: The trouble with bubbles

    May I introduce you to the technology that will revive our flagging industry, resuscitate dormant companies and stimulate pent-up consumer spending. May I present home networking (please smile for the digital camera).

  • Enterprise WLANs: The kinder, gentler shakeout

    As wireless LAN start-up after WLAN start-up emerged to take on the enterprise over the past 18 months, observers realized that a few years down the line, they wouldn't all be around. There was simply a limit to the number of companies the market would support regardless of quality of product, vision and leadership. But, the growing remake of companies from systems providers to IP and component providers looks to be a "kinder, gentler" shakeout that benefits everyone.

  • Analysis: Networking plumbing needs repair

    Networking is the plumbing of information technology. Like conventional plumbing, most people take it for granted until a pipe bursts or a faucet starts dripping. But unlike the pipes in houses and offices, networking technology is evolving at a frantic pace, even as IT investments have slowed to a trickle in the past few years.

  • VoIP security still a major issue

    A major impediment to voice-over-IP implementation is security concerns, according to Webtorial's recent 2003 VoIP "State of the Market Report". In this worldwide survey of end users, about 40 percent of the approximately 300 respondents cited security as one of the top four reasons why they haven't deployed VoIP.

  • Ethernet comes of age

    No one can deny that Ethernet technology has come a long way since Bob Metcalfe first put pen to paper and sketched his original design on a napkin.

  • Nortel jumps into the wireless LAN market

    Nortel Networks’ introduction of its first wireless LAN product offerings is an interesting play by the network equipment vendor. Company executives say the idea behind the products is to extend the vendor’s wireline infrastructure family. Another way to look at it is adding an alternative form of access — wireless — to that infrastructure.