Networking: News

  • Cisco admits to a hole in PIX firewall

    Cisco late last week confirmed a vulnerability in a server it ships with its popular PIX firewall that enables internal users to hack in to the Windows NT host and retrieve any files that they know in advance reside there.

  • Novell offers thin client version of NDS

    Novell is set to release a version of its directory services product that interoperates with Citrix Systems' thin-client networking software. The vendor's decision to bring its directory technology across from PCs to thin clients may represent a shot in the arm for the thin-client movement.

  • IBM seeks global network infrastructure buyer

    By Rob Guth | 03 September, 1998 13:52

    IBM is seeking a buyer for its worldwide network infrastructure in the hope of lowering costs while increasing its focus on the services that run on top of the network, sources familiar with the company's plan said this week. The sources did not disclose any potential buyers for the IBM Global Network, but said the company is targeting major telecomms companies.

  • StorageTek serves up new SAN offerings

    Network bandwidth limitations and ongoing management costs are expected to propel a boom in the storage area network (SAN) market, and StorageTek is bracing itself for a share of the action.

  • HP launches cheap workgroup hubs, switches

    Hewlett-Packard continued its push into the networking market on Monday with new low-priced Ethernet hubs and switches for workgroups, individuals and home users. They are geared to small workgroups and high-performance users and have either 12 or 24 10Base-T ports and a 10/100 autosensing port for a high-speed uplink.

  • Xylan ready to mix it with the big boys

    Xylan was keen to talk up the success of its channel model in Australia during last week's signing of its Fixed Term Agreement (FTA) with the Australian Government.

  • Alpha West wins school security deal

    The ability to tailor a flexible and cost-effective licensing arrangement has won West Australian network security specialist Alpha West a new three-year antivirus deal with the Education Department of WA.

  • IBM and Wyse to hail thin clients

    New initiatives in thin-client-based computing, from companies such as IBM and Wyse, will be detailed at the first-ever Thinergy conference, in the US this week.

  • Fore buys Ethernet trailblazer Berkeley Networks

    Fore Systems this week snapped up Berkeley Networks, a maker of Windows NT-based routing switches, for an estimated $US250 million. The acquisition will bring large-scale Gigabit Ethernet backbone switches to Fore's ATM-based product line.

  • ATC offers world's smallest Ethernet card

    he world's smallest Ethernet card has been introduced to Australia by Advanced Portable Technologies (APT). The Low Power Ethernet card from Socket Communications is a "CompactFlash" card designed for palmtop computers.

  • Novell positions NDS as a meta directory

    In a move to position Novell Directory Services (NDS) as a meta directory for controlling and synchronising multiple directories, Novell is expected to announce this week an agreement to resell NetVision's Synchronicity products