Networking: News

  • Novell clustering nears launch

    Novell is putting the final touches on its first NetWare-based clustering product, an offering that the company plans to get out the door by the end of September.

  • Cabletron expands high-speed router line

    Cabletron Systems' new routers are designed to let users cost-effectively extend high-speed routing services from the backbone to the desktop at prices that fall well below the competition.

  • Cabletron resellers should be certified

    Cabletron resellers will have the opportunity to prove they know what they're doing, by under-going a new certification program introduced last week by the company.

  • Zoo upgrades network

    As part of a $450,000 enterprise IT upgrade, Melbourne Zoo has installed a new switched network as it prepares to embark on an aggressive Web strategy.

  • Gigabit Ethernet to go copper

    Expect Gigabit Ethernet to get far more affordable next year, when the copper version of Gigabit Ethernet is standardised by the IEEE.

  • Cabletron sides with the enemy

    In another strategic move to bolster its flagging channel stocks, Cabletron last week signed up systems integrator Compaq Services as an accredited Spectrum reseller.

  • Gosling: the network is the "killer app"

    Despite its booming popularity, Java's own creator does not believe Java-based applications themselves will be the next "killer app". James Gosling, Sun Microsystems chief scientist and co-author of Java, said this week that while so many "killer" applications exist, the network remains central to their ability to work in distributed environments.

  • NetWare 5.0: the launch that had to happen

    Despite already shipping NetWare 5.0 ahead of schedule last week, Novell executives were out in force yesterday, claiming its newest operating system will "change the face of computing".

  • Wall Data brings legacy data to the Web

    Wall Data this week announced a suite of development tools to enable businesses to integrate legacy and other corporate data into Web applications. Cyberprise Developer Studio enables the authoring of complex Web applications as well as the capability to provide Web user interfaces to mainframe and AS/400 applications.

  • Cisco plans purchase of Clarity Wireless

    Cisco this week said it will purchase Clarity Wireless, a US-based maker of wireless communication technology for networks and Internet service. The acquisition of Clarity and its fixed wireless technology will help Cisco's efforts in the "last mile", the link between a given building and a telecommunications or cable network.

  • Intel aims thin-server appliances at small businesses

    Intel this week announced a new strategy aimed at offering cheap and simple network appliances to small businesses. The new thin-server appliances, designed for businesses with two to 50 users, will start appearing this year as part of the company's InBusiness line of networking products.

  • Cabletron adds smarts to switches

    Cabletron Systems next month will ship a version of its switch software that lets users build large network domains and suppress certain types of traffic.

  • Bay touts its size with finalised acquisition

    Size really does matter. Forget all that sensitive, new age claptrap about product synergies and converged networks. The key new selling point for Bay, now that it has officially been acquired by Nortel, is going to be size.

  • Citrix preps new thin-client products

    By John Cox | 16 September, 1998 13:20

    t the Thinergy '98 conference last week, Citrix Systems showcased two thin-client products still in development. A new offering, Ascot, will let IT managers fine-tune how end users work with specific applications as well as improve application monitoring capabilities.

  • 56Kbps modems now a safe bet

    User fears about the interoperability of 56Kbps modem compatibility should be put to rest by the end of the month. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is scheduled to give final approval to the V.90 standard for the fast modems during its meeting in Geneva this month.

  • 3Com raises the ATM switch ante

    Taking direct aim at Cisco Systems and Fore Systems, 3Com will shortly announce its most powerful ATM backbone switch to date.

  • Novell is managing NT

    Novell hopes that the on-time delivery of both its next-generation NetWare 5 operating system and Version 2.0 of NDS (Novell Directory Services) for Windows NT will prove that the once endangered company is back in the game.

  • Novell boasts early release of NetWare 5.0

    At a glitzy event for CIOs here this week, Novell boasted that it shipped its NetWare 5.0 network operating system last week, 10 days earlier than expected. The directory is the future for Novell and its customers, said Eric Schmidt, Novell chief executive officer and chairman.