Networking: News

  • Companies form mobile alliance

    Several software vendors for handheld computers, cell phones, and other mobile devices have teamed up to further develop a recently introduced, standardised protocol for devices to communicate with networks.

  • Fluke aims monitor at big networks

    Network software company Fluke next month will unleash a more grown-up version of its network monitoring software - one that discovers network devices, creates diagrams with Visio software and notifies network managers of problems via e-mail or pager. The current version of Fluke's Network Inspector is limited to a single Ethernet segment and is designed to help companies troubleshoot network problems.

  • Triton secures authentic market

    Taking advantage of the buoyant biometric authentication market in Australia and New Zealand is priority number one for startup Triton Secure, which has formed an alliance with Veridicom, a provider of silicon-based fingerprint authentication technology. The Veridicom Integration Partners (VIP) agreement is made up of global leaders in biometrics, information sec-urity, access control, computing and software that collaborate to produce authentication solutions.

  • Lucent readies optical systems to speed data

    Lucent Technologies unveiled at last week's Telecom '99 trade show, in Geneva, the latest elements of an optical-network product set that could boost campus bandwidth by as much as 50 times. The company introduced the OptiStar OC-48, a 2.5Gbps optical adapter for Microsoft Windows and Linux servers, as well as the FC1000R 1Gbps storage adapter and accompanying software.

  • Logica steps into limelight

    Low-profile integrator Logica is looking at healthy times ahead after completing the integration of the CDMA Business Systems Solution to support the commercial launch of Orange's CDMA network in Australia. Completion of the project has boosted the company's confidence in the hotly contested telecommunications market. `We are very pleased because it shows the local telecomms operators here we can deliver to time and budget,' said Logica's chief executive officer, Andrew Tindell.

  • Worm could be catastrophic

    If someone were to release a worm today equivalent to the one Robert Tappan Morris Jr unleashed on the Internet on November 2, 1988, it could potentially bring about a global social and financial crisis.

  • iPass does one-click remote access

    Roaming the world and dialling into your company's main servers could become a lot more secure and easy, with the introduction of iPass' iPassConnect 1.0 at the Fall Internet World show in New York.

  • The story behind Powerlan and CSSL

    It's going to be interesting to see how the media and the Hong Kong IT grapevine paint the startling acquisition of a revered Hong Kong systems remarketer by an upstart IT services provider in Australia.

  • Cisco, Sun in Unified Communications pact

    Cisco Systems and Sun Microsystems last week announced an agreement to jointly develop and market IP-based unified communications solutions enabling service providers to offer bundled voice, fax, and e-mail messaging services for phones, PCs, or handheld devices

  • Nortel rolls out IP systems for SMEs

    Nortel Networks has launched a unified communications platform to provide small and medium-size businesses with a range of Internet-based voice and data communications.

  • Nortel aims at Net with optical technology

    Nortel Networks last week took the wraps off a high-speed optical switching and routing technology that it says will help meet the surging need for bandwidth on the Internet and relieve traffic congestion.

  • Alcatel buys Genesys for $US1.5 billion

    Alcatel, the French manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, announced last week it is buying US-based software vendor Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories in a stock swap transaction valued at $US1.5 billion.

  • 3Com renews SME battle

    Networking resellers can expect the battle for the small-to-medium enterprise (SME) customer to intensify after 3Com became the latest vendor to add fuel to the market fire last week.

  • Cabletron launches global services division

    In an attempt to give its business more of a networking and e-commerce focus, Cabletron Systems last week announced the creation of a new division within the company called GlobalNetwork Technology Services.

  • Virus scanning moving to ISPs

    Companies may soon be delegating their antivirus protection to big Internet and network service providers that are acquiring new tools to guard corporate networks.

  • Equant expands ASP horizons

    Enterprise network solutions provider Equant last week joined forces with Microsoft in a deal designed to leverage the emerging ASP model for its corporate customers.