Networking: News

  • Scitec harvests a networking crop

    Communications integration specialist Scitec has edged out local rivals to score a lucrative network upgrade project with West Australian farmers' Co-operative Bulk Handling Limited (CBH). The company scored the deal based on technical merit, in what Scitec believes is a vote of confidence in both its network management and integration skills.

  • Peer to peer: Wiring up a networked future

    ARN: How did the company come into being? Anderson: The company was formed in 1985 and we were basically a corporate network provider. However, we started supplying microwave and LAN connections in 1991. Today we are mainly wireless network providers, typically connecting buildings between 30 and 60kms apart.

  • Cisco getting through to SMEs

    Cisco Systems, perhaps best known for its enterprise networking products, has shown that it can be a strong contender in the Asian small and medium-sized enterprise (SMEs) market, based on data from market research firm International Data Corp.

  • 3Com to rely less on NICs, modems

    On the heels of a better-than-expected fourth quarter, 3Com's stock price dropped almost 14 per cent last week after the company said that it will de-emphasise sales of low-margin, price-sensitive network interface cards and modems.

  • Cabletron Systems spins off software unit

    Cabletron Systems last week cut many of the ties that bound its software and hardware divisions by spinning off the unit that develops its Spectrum network management software.

  • C&W Optus cable service right @ Home

    Cable & Wireless Optus has joined forces with US portal powerhouse Excite@Home to create a local Internet venture branded Optus@Home under the auspices of a new joint venture company @Home Network Australia.

  • Clouds of controversy hang over Cabletron's silver lining

    "Problem" is a dirty word around the corridors of Cabletron Australia. The local outfit appears remarkably resilient in the face of what many resellers and industry observers believe is the appearance of more cracks in the networking vendor's armour.

  • Technical expertise is the path to success

    Path Communications Based: Kirribilli, Sydney Founded: 1992 Growth rate: Approximately 50 per cent Services: Backbone and WAN design and installation; Internet connectivity; radio Most respected competitors: NetStar, Com Tech

  • Video screening on a browser near you

    One of the greatest inhibitors facing education companies is not only how to deliver courses to busy people anywhere around the world, but generate economies of scale and healthy profits. Australian education content provider Entertainment World Limited (EWL) is not only harnessing the Internet as a delivery mechanism, but is pushing the Internet's next boundary: video on demand.

  • Out with old, in with the new at Banyan

    Remember Banyan? How about VINES, Beyond Mail and StreetTalk? Well, Banyan was expected to launch Banyan Directory Services last week in the US, an implementation and consulting service designed to help enterprises deploy the directory of their choice.

  • New Cabletron CEO sees growth

    The recent replacement of Cabletron Systems co-founder, CEO and chairman Craig Benson with technology guru Piyush Patel marked a shift by the New Hampshire company - which, with poor financial results, has seen its stock price halved and then some during the past two years - to a more aggressive focus on emerging technologies.

  • Nortel announces IP Telephony strategy

    Nortel Networks yesterday detailed a raft of new products as part of its IP Telephony strategy, while committing to a strong channel push into the next millennium.

  • Cabletron's Benson resigns

    Cabletron Systems announced last week that Craig Benson, its embattled chairman, president and CEO, has resigned from the company he co-founded in a New England garage almost 20 years ago. Benson has been replaced by Piyush Patel, Cabletron's senior vice president of worldwide engineering, and former CEO of YAGO Systems, a router start-up that Cabletron acquired last year. Benson will remain on Cabletron's board of directors.

  • Olicom fends off restructure rumours

    Olicom Australia has shrugged off mounting industry speculation that its local operation is up for a radical restructure following the exit of two key sales staff. In fact, Claus Hansen, Olicom's Australia/New Zealand country manager, claims the company just completed its "best quarter ever" here, despite indications the company as a whole still faces financial difficulties.

  • Big Blue plotting grand SAN plan

    IBM plans to marry its storage-area network (SAN) lineup to the Future I/O architecture. Future I/O is the new-generation switched fabric architecture being added to Intel-based PC servers to exploit high-speed network technologies, such as Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel.

  • Cisco ups security ante

    Cisco is waking up to new opportunities in the security game and is considering plans to bring resellers along for the ride. The company is moving to completely integrate firewall, policy management and other security functions into its routers as part of a strategy to ease end-user security worries.

  • Cisco grabs Asian lead

    According to a recent IDC report, network specialist Cisco has managed to circumvent the Asian financial crisis and has secured the top spot in the Asia-Pacific LAN and remote access markets.

  • GEC/Fore plans aggressive Asian growth

    A month after General Electric (GEC) announced its decision to acquire Fore Systems, the region's company officials have reiterated their commitment to Asia, and parade the opportunities customers can gain from the merger. Fore has always had a good presence in Asia, according to Michael Green, Fore's senior vice president for corporate sales, who dismissed suggestions the company lacked a strong presence in the region.

  • 3Com to address mixed ethernet, ATM networks

    3Com customers will soon be able to set specific performance levels for traffic running across mixed Ethernet and ATM networks, thanks to a raft of switch add-on products due out this summer. This will be the first time that 3Com users will be able to perform this advanced function across mixed Ethernet and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) networks.