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ARN needs to profile the Managed Service Provider (MSP) in YOU!

Spend 2 minutes completing this survey about YOU and YOUR CUSTOMERS and you could win a new companion in the form of an app-enabled Droid, BB-8™

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About the Survey

We want to get a snapshot profile of a Managed Service Provider or a traditional reseller adopting an MSP offering. This includes how you address your customers' concerns with a SaaS/Cloud-based security solution.

Who should complete the Survey?

Managed Service Providers or traditional resellers who are evolving by moving away from selling off-the-shelf- solutions to a more customised, managed service offering. You can be a CEO, Managing Director, General Manager, Operations Manager, Sales Manager or IT Manager.


Individual responses will be confidential and anonymous. The aggregate results of the survey will be shared with ARN's survey sponsor. This sponsor provides smart cybersecurity that harnesses collective threat intelligence to protect the Internet of Everything and consumers, businesses and technology providers from malware and other cyber-attacks using a cloud-based threat intelligence network.


Survey completion date is : December 4, 2015

Start survey * Terms & Conditions apply