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  • 20 July 2018 18:21

2021.AI Announces Strategic Partnership with QVARTZ

2021.AI, the AI technology provider based in Copenhagen, and QVARTZ today announced a partnership. The companies have joined forces to deliver end-to-end advanced analytics projects powered by AI technology, offering companies a unique opportunity and solution to unlock their AI ambitions. 2021.AI is focusing on the practical implementation and lift-time support of AI across any business and organization powered by the AI Platform APEX.

2021.AI and QVARTZ collaboration will offer AI ambitious companies to take full advantage of the latest technology renaissance of AI, big data, and open source machine learning technologies. The pace of innovation in today’s data-intensive economy requires embracing these new technologies to capture the opportunities that AI and Machine Learning can provide across a multitude of business operations. AI is becoming the new fuel to exploit competitive advantage for all forward-thinking organizations as data analytics workloads continue to grow, and the volume and variety of data generated across organizations continually accelerates.

The APEX AI Platform by 2021.AI enables a variety of consultants, such as QVARTZ, to interactively unearth actionable insights from Machine Learning and AI offering end-clients better and more valuable services and solutions. QVARTZ, needed an enterprise-grade AI Platform to deliver, implement, and maintain Machine Learning models. QVARTZ now gains enhanced capability for analyzing large-scale data, enabling the clients to act upon those insights in real-time, while maximizing value for each client. Expanding its global partner network, 2021.AI has formed a strategic partnership with QVARTZ, that can now offer the APEX AI Platform to their client base worldwide. APEX AI Platform is a robust enterprise solution ensuring fast AI implementation and life-time support of Machine Learning models.

Mikael Munck, the founder and CEO of 2021.AI commented: “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with QVARTZ. 2021.AI is offering the APEX AI platform to QVARTZ and their global client base. This partnership is the first announcement from 2021.AI, over the summer we will be announcing more on our ongoing efforts to support our growing client base across industries and geographies, to support our mission to bring Machine Learning to every corner of any organization across the globe.”

Jens Friis Hjortegaard, Partner at QVARTZ, said: “We are delighted to announce, that we have formalised our partnership with 2021.AI and now own a share of the company. The partnership enables QVARTZ to deliver end-to-end advanced analytics projects powered by AI technology for our clients. By combining our competences, we can now go from delivering algorithms and insights to putting these algorithms and models into production and supporting them. Unity is strength in the world, where data is the business.”

About 2021.AI

2021.AI is a leading innovative company in the AI space, providing and supporting enterprise-ready AI Platform APEX, which enables customers to effectively respond to the opportunities and challenges posed by large amounts of data. AI technologies, AI as a Service, practical data science implementations, and business development expertise are the core competences of the the company. 2021.AI’s client base includes over 30 industry leaders in the banking, insurance, utilities, and other sectors across Europe, the Middle East and US. Headquartered in Copenhagen, 2021.AI operates globally via 7 development sites and offices with over 70 employees. R&D centers are located Europe and India.


QVARTZ is a strategy and management consulting firm that provides services to clients globally. Its management consulting services include tackling and solving complex problems to engage and mobilize clients’ organizations. The company serves private equity, water, energy, clean technology, pharma and medical technology, public, consumer brands and retail, manufacturing, transport and logistics, financial services, and media and telco sectors. QVARTZ was founded in 2002 and is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It has additional offices in New York City, New York; Oslo, Norway; and Stockholm, Sweden.

For more information about 2021.AI’s solutions and services, including the enterprise AI Platform APEX, visit and follow 2021.AI on Twitter @2021_ai.

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