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  • 20 June 2018 14:06

How Hipages Group promotes Customer-Centricity throughout their organisation

Mike Yap is the Head of Experience at Australia’s #1 site to hire tradespeople, hipages. Usabilla sat down with Mike to talk about how integrating user feedback into everyday processes allows hipages to highlight pain-points and revamp their customer experience.

Usabilla: Hey Mike! How long have you been with hipages and what are your responsibilities there?

Mike Yap: Hey! I joined hipages around a year ago as Head of Experience. My team is responsible for design and user research across all our touch points, including web and mobile.

U: What is hipages’ philosophy around feedback? In other words, how large of a role does feedback play in product development?

M: We believe that the voice of the customer should be present throughout the design and development process. We use a combination of contextual enquiries, focus groups, interviews, user testing and feedback. The insights gathered from these activities inform and validate our designs and help us prioritise our product development initiatives.

U: Are there other ways you incorporate the voice of your customers into your workflow?

M: When trying to inspire a team to change part of the experience, nothing is as powerful as hearing the voice of the customer.

U: Before using Usabilla, how did you share feedback throughout the organisation? What was the design and redesign process like?

M: Usabilla was introduced around the same time I joined hipages. Before that time, user feedback was shared from our email platform on an ad hoc basis. The company has always had a great design process, but these days we complement it with a lot more user research, including fortnightly user interviews and testing.

How are you currently using Usabilla to improve your products? What is the product development process like now?

We use Usabilla to stay in touch with customer sentiment, identify pain points and monitor the impact of new features on the customer experience.

When trying to inspire a team to change part of the experience, nothing is as powerful as hearing the voice of the customer.

U: How do you share the feedback you collect internally within hipages? Whom do you share it with?

M: Every month my team sends a ‘Voice of the Customer’ newsletter to our entire company of over 300 people. This includes Product, Engineering, Marketing, Sales and Service teams. The newsletter uses feedback collected from Usabilla to celebrate successes and highlight the areas of our experience that we need to improve. We also encourage our people to start their day with a digest email of Usabilla feedback or subscribe to our real-time feed on Slack.

U: Was there a particular instance when sharing feedback helped improve your products? Do you see any patterns in the feedback you get?

M: We recently collated feedback on an underperforming part of our experience and identified a small enhancement to a form that would resolve the concerns raised. It turns out the form wasn’t doing a good job of showing that it was auto-saving, so customers were wasting time searching for a ‘Submit’ button that didn’t exist!

More broadly, we use feedback to highlight common pain points, which we group into themes. This allows us to align projects that might seem different on the surface, but are actually addressing the same underlying problem.

U: What’s on your roadmap for the future of feedback collection and sharing at hipages?

M: Our goal for the second half of the year is to gather and analyse feedback at more points in our user journey, particularly on mobile. This will further refine our understanding of the peaks and valleys in our experience and bring to light new opportunities to deliver value to our customers.

U: Thank you for answering these question! Is there anything else you’d like to share about Usabilla and hipages?

M: Usabilla has been a great partner of hipages. I’m excited by what we can accomplish together in years ahead!

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