Commercialising Hype

Converting nascent technologies into mainstream offerings represents a challenging art for an ecosystem forever sandwiched between the concepts of theory and practice. Seduced by vendor driven marketing campaigns on the one hand, yet sobered by end-user hesitancy and the need for education on the other, technology providers continue to balance a conveyor belt of new solutions with commercial reality of limited investment and resources.

Whether automation or edge computing, 5G or Kubernetes, the dilemma facing profit chasing partners post-pandemic is akin to the age-old adage; if you build it, will they come?

Moving forward, a clear distinction is required between what is cutting-edge and what is commercially viable, shaped by the creation of a strategy built on the foundations of in-depth skills, expert practices and speed to market.

Echoing the words of Albert Einstein - “in theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not” - EDGE2021 will move beyond market rhetoric to outline how partners can monetise and productise emerging technologies to drive future growth, translating perceived demand into dollars.

EDGE2021 will help partners:

  • Identify viable emerging technologies and solutions post-pandemic
  • Build and productise offerings to drive new revenue streams
  • Develop in-house skills to maximise new market opportunities
  • Construct go-to-market campaigns to monetise new product and service offerings
  • Create step-by-step guides to excel in business, technology, sales and marketing