This action-packed 4 day destination conference offers keynotes, panels, compelling business stream sessions, as well as specific time allocated to meet with fellow EDGE attendees to pursue business opportunities.

* Compulsory attendance to all conferencing sessions

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New Zealand Session: Saturday July 27
New Zealand Attendee Arrival
6:00 - 8:00pmNew Zealand Dinner (NZ partner delegates only)
Day 1: Sunday July 28
7:00 - 8:30amNew Zealand Breakfast
9:30 - 11:40amNew Zealand Session (NZ partner delegates only)
Attendee Arrival
3:00 - 5:00pmIcebreaker Sessions & 1:1 Meetings
6:00 - 6:30pmTransfers to Welcome Party
6:30 - 10:00pmWelcome Party
Day 2: Monday July 29
5:50 - 7:45amEDGE Sunrise Walk
7:00 - 8:15amBreakfast & 1:1 Meetings
8:15 - 8:20amWelcome to EDGE 2019
8:20 - 8:30amFireside Chat | Susan Searle, IDG Communications and Nadia Cameron, CMO
8:30 - 9:30amKeynote | Magnus Lindkvist
9:30 - 10:10amPlenary Session | Thought Leaders
10:10 - 10:40amMorning Break & 1:1 Meetings
10:40 - 11:40amEDGE Research | Tim Dillon, TRA
11:45 - 12:30pmBoardroom Sessions 1

Maximising opportunity in the SMB space
Cisco | Presentation + Panel

For years, small-to-mid businesses in Australia and New Zealand have watched from the sidelines as their larger peers pushed ahead into the digital space.

Those days are now behind them: today the appetite for transformation within the SMB and the mid-market sector is insatiable as business leaders demand solutions to build modern workplaces and differentiation.

To capitalise on this, partners themselves need to build innovative new practices in order to capture this low hanging fruit across A/NZ.

This EDGE session, in association with Cisco, will share sales and marketing strategies to help partners compete and differentiate in this area, while creating new revenue opportunities in a profitable way.

Staying true to your business in a changing world
Nutanix | Presentation

For traditional infrastructure players, succeeding in a cloud landscape has become something of a chicken and egg situation.

Pitted against increasing numbers of cloud-native competitors, partners need to adapt to this Brave New World without losing sight of their core, on-premise business.

But knowing when to build new capabilities is in itself a minefield: do partners act first and wait for the revenue or win the business and build on the job?

This EDGE session, in association with Nutanix, will demonstrate how partners can marry data centre expertise to the multi-cloud world, building out the right specialisms for customers’ outcomes today.

How MSPs can build their own cyber security culture
Continuum | Roundtable/Workshop

The security threat remains an ever-present cloud over Australian enterprises. And when an attacker strikes, it’s up to the managed service providers to save the day and secure their customer’s business.

As far as opportunities to be the ‘Cyber Hero’ go, MSPs have never had such an abundance. But just how many feel truly prepared to protect their clients when they need it the most?

To achieve that, MSPs must build and ingrain cyber education into the very core of their organisation: and that comes from revamping the internal culture.

This interactive EDGE session, in association with Continuum, will outline the best ways for partners to educate clients in cyber security, as well as how to establish credibility in this field.

The customer experience — avoiding mistakes of the past 
LogMeIn | Presentation

The customer is always right is one of the most enshrined rules in the world of business and one that is easily taken for granted.

Offering the right level of responsiveness and support to customers may seem like a relationship’s basic components, but these can quickly be sidelined amid the technological innovation fever sweeping A/NZ.

But given an end-user is more likely to remember a bad experience than the technology delivered, partners need to be mindful of these fundamentals or risk a heavy cost to their businesses.

This EDGE session, in association with LogMeIn, will assess the damage of a soured customer relationship and demonstrate how artificial intelligence can play a role in this, both now and in the future.

12:30 - 1:25pmLunch & 1:1 Meetings
12:40 - 1:25pmRoundtable Lunch | Huawei

Maximising opportunity in the SMB space

Over the past decade, the A/NZ marketplace has witnessed a dramatic shift from legacy on- premise hardware to cloud-based infrastructure in a mix of public, private and hybrid manifestations. 

Channel partners have been central to this transition, but there is still much work to be done both for customers and within their own organisations. 

This EDGE session, in association with Huawei, will be an interactive discussion exploring the partners’ role in delivering cloud solutions today, what it will be in the future and, importantly, how to prepare for that future. 

1:30 - 2:15pm Plenary Session | Thought Leaders
2:20 - 3:10pm Boardroom Sessions 2

Building trust through technology in a chaotic world
Fujitsu | Presentation

Explosive growth continues to sweep the technology industry, bringing a world that is more connected, integrated and faster-paced than ever before.

Although exciting, these new waves of development, advancement and innovation bring new sets of complications that can appear chaotic and overwhelming to customers.

This heightened sense of complexity means trust has become a big issue for many customers, one that the channel must address or risk undermining their valuable relationships.

This session, in association with Fujitsu, will draw on real-world examples to show how technology can help to rebuild trust in this chaotic world.

How to play it safe in the public cloud
Sophos | Presentation/Workshop

The rapid adoption of public cloud environments is presenting customers with more data security challenges than ever before.

Amid this market acceleration, secure migration, cloud visibility and compliance have become increasingly pressing concerns for organisations, many of whom still see on-premise as a safer environment for their data.

As such, partners now share the responsibility for safeguarding their customers’ public clouds from cyber security threats and therefore must be ready to offer end-to-end protection across a multitude of platforms.

This EDGE session, in association with Sophos, will provide an in-depth look at how partners can meet these new challenges while differentiating themselves from the competition and building their own long-term revenue.

Managing data in the new world
Commvault | Roundtable

Digital transformation continues to drive a DevOps culture that is centred on new technologies and hybrid infrastructure models.

However, managing today’s exponential data growth across multiple platforms and distributed architectures creates its own set of challenges, risks and complexity.

Additionally, as concerns mount about the mounting extra costs of managing multi-cloud ecosystems, simplified and effective data management has become and will remain a priority.

This EDGE session, in association with Commvault, will showcase how partners can help customers reduce operational costs, shrink their administrative burdens and scale their data management for essential growth.

Building a digital business from the bottom up   
NBN Co | Roundtable

It is no secret that Australia has entered the Age of Data with connectivity, cloud and digital applications driving enterprises towards monumental change. 

Using data for customer experience, internal processes and new opportunities is now a given, and business investments are being prioritised accordingly. 

However, businesses cannot run before they can walk, and many are forgetting that true transformation is built on a strong, reliable foundation of connectivity. 

This EDGE session, in association with the NBN, will demonstrate how partners can derive real, bottom-line value supporting customers with their actual business initiatives to get digital transformation right.

3:15 - 4:00pmBoardroom Sessions 3

How MSPs can maximise their M&A potential 
ConnectWise | Presentation + Panel

An acquisition frenzy is sweeping the A/NZ channel and the ball is currently in the sellers’ court.

For every managed service provider looking to sell or merge, there is a buyer ready and waiting, pushing sellers’ valuations up to an all-time high.

Now as 70 per cent of MSPs explore their M&A options over the next five years, understanding how to navigate this competitive landscape will become critical for the channel.

This EDGE session, in association with ConnectWise, will shed light on how MSPs can build their businesses to be attractive for potential acquisitions, as partners share their own M&A journeys.

Building a sustainable customer base through resilience, security and efficiency  
Malwarebytes | Workshop + Panel

A malware or ransomware attack on one of your customers can be one of the most terrifying — and costly — scenarios for an MSP business today.

As cyber attackers become increasingly sophisticated, MSPs can no longer rely on traditional anti-virus software alone to prevent being held hostage by an unseen malware force.

With that in mind, it is imperative that MSPs build a reputation for helping their customers stay one step ahead of the latest threats and save huge costs and in the process.

During this interactive EDGE workshop in association with Malwarebytes, find out how to build the necessary resilience, trust and operational efficiency with customers and stop attackers in their tracks.

Building differentiation — the partner perspective  
Telstra | Presentation + Panel

Driven by new technology and shifting customer demands, the anatomy of the vendor-partner relationship is changing in the telecommunications space.

Across the Pacific, large, traditional US telcos are rapidly adopting channel-centric models in order to help facilitate higher growth and deeper customer relationships.

As such, the time has come for the Australian and New Zeland market to follow suit, with both vendor and partners working hand-in-hand towards seamless interaction, customer success and mutual growth.

This EDGE session, in association with Telstra, hear from partners about some of the biggest growth areas emerging in the A/NZ market and how the channel can be best positioned to meet these opportunities.

Building the partnership of the future   
Hewlett Packard Enterprise | Workshop/Roundtable

Partner frameworks have remained relatively constant for the past 20 years.

Yet in a growing cloud, as-a-service and outcome-based world, A/NZ customer priorities are rapidly changing and partners to be agile enough to regularly change gears and stay ahead.

As such, vendors should be more intuitive to the channels’ needs and goals, asking themselves: What do partners value today? What do customers value today? And how we can jointly go to market to address the changing opportunities?

This EDGE session, in association with HPE, will examine how vendor and channel can jointly build a strong partner framework where both invest for maximum mutual benefit.

4:00 - 4:30pmBuild | Productisation | Josh Devenny, Atlassian
6:00 - 10:00pmDinner Under the Stars
Day 3: Tuesday July 30
6:30 - 7:30amEDGE Yoga
7:00 - 8:15amBreakfast & 1:1 Meetings
8:15 - 9:00amEDGE Partner Research | Tim Dillon, TRA
9:05 - 9:50am Boardroom Sessions 4

How to build a winning sales culture   
Datto | Presentation

A talented and driven sales team is the bedrock of any organisation looking to succeed in the IT channel.

In an environment fuelled by heated competition, salespeople must shoulder a heavy responsibility to convey powerful brand messages to the market, while maintaining those crucial customer relationships.

Unfortunately hiring and retaining the best people, plus getting results from them, remains challenging for A/NZ’s MSP community.

This session, in association with Datto, will share first-hand experience of building an A/NZ sales team from scratch, including tips on fostering a unified company culture.

Designing and building profitability at the edge     
APC by Schneider Electric | Workshop

The race to deliver an enhanced customer experience is fuelling A/NZ’s digital transformation.

Now more than ever, are customers demanding complex technology and analysis at the point of interaction – the edge.

However, partners should be mindful that, without the right critical tools, any investment at the edge could compromise that vital customer experience.

This EDGE session, in association with APC by Schneider Electric, will help partners think holistically about their revenue potential at the edge and minimise any customer risks should things go wrong. Come Discuss, Challenge and if nothing else test your Jenga skills.

Past and present: Networking refreshed – 5G and cloud-managed networks     
D-Link | Presentation + Panel

Over the past 12 months, 5G technology has dominated headlines as Australia’s telcos battle it out for bandwidth supremacy.

The excitement is understandable: 5G will make everything from autonomous vehicles and connected cities a tangible reality, meaning Smart City investment is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

Cloud-managed wireless networks, meanwhile, have been all the rage for some years – but can they be done better?

This EDGE session, in association with D-Link, will provide a comprehensive recap on the mobile and cloud networking markets in Australia, as partners relay their plans and experiences with these technologies.

How to thrive in a service-driven landscape      
Cloud Plus | Roundtable

Australia’s managed cloud services market is experiencing staggering growth, with IDC expecting its value to hit US$1.2 billion this year.

Driven by business’ appetite to modernise and digitise ageing legacy systems, Australia is already well-ahead of the cloud adoption curve.

However, this is not the time for partners to sit back on their laurels: any shift in demand requires partners to refocus their offerings to stay ahead of the market.

This EDGE session, in association with Cloud Plus, will showcase how partners can make the shift from selling hardware and software products to creating long-term value through selling services, building new recurring revenue streams and client relationships along the way.

9:55 - 10:40amBoardroom Sessions 5

The dawn of hyper-convergence: demand versus challenges       
Intel | Presentation + Panel

It is no longer ‘business as usual’, and organisations are realising they no longer can compete on old infrastructure.

 No longer content with just the usual hardware set-ups and support systems, customers are increasingly looking to bring their servers, storage and increasingly networking into one seamless system — hyper-converged infrastructure.

 To achieve true business success now, IT transformation must take place from the data centre to multiple clouds and to the edge.

This EDGE session, in association with Intel, will demonstrate how partners can overcome the challenges of hyper-convergence and create the right solutions for customers.

Debunking the myths of cloud transformation
VMware | Workshop

Cloud transformation remains one of the channel’s most lucrative opportunities, with A/NZ’s services market alone set to exceed $1.68 billion this year.

But fear of change still lingers for many customers, with concerns about long delivery times and major infrastructure teardowns holding some back from major cloud investement.

As a result, partners must be ready to guide customers down the path to the cloud, enabling them to scale down their ageing and legacy infrastructure without the messy collateral.

This EDGE session, in association with VMware, will outline how partners can deliver on the promise of cloud seamlessly and painlessly, and capitalise on this critical market.
How to rebuild when the security wall is breached
StorageCraft | Presentation + Panel

Data is an enterprise’s most valuable resource and the consequences of losing that through security breaches is enormous and, in many cases, permanently crippling.

With the menace of cyber and ransomware attacks becoming increasingly prevalent, organisations can never be too prepared to salvage and recoup their data in the event of a critical outage.

The channel has a key role to play not only in that initial data recovery but also in helping customers build a long-term culture around back-up and business continuity.

In this EDGE session, in association with StorageCraft, hear stories from partners about helping customers recover their data after a major incident, as well as how to make back-up an integral part of cyber security strategy.

Can we win the cyber security arms race?       
Mimecast | Presentation

Cyber attacks on Australian and New Zealand soil have become a worryingly common occurrence, with everyone from large enterprises, universities to even governments becoming victims.

Last year more than half of Australian organisations were impacted by ransomware, losing potentially millions of dollars and hours of productivity.

Yet all too often, the cause is human error, as attackers slip through the security net buried within seemingly innocuous emails or social media posts, unnoticed until too late.

This EDGE session, in association with Mimecast, will outline how to execute a rapid and effective cybersecurity strategy through strong and trusted partnerships.

10:40 - 11:10amMorning Break & 1:1 Meetings
11:10 - 12:00pmPlenary Session | Innovation
12:05pmActivity Transfers & Lunch
1:00 - 6:30pmEDGE CUP/ Whitehaven Boat Cruise:  Sponsors and co-hosts will form teams of 4 for a shotgun start. We all know that golf is an industry favourite so this afternoon contest promises all the drama of channel friendly competition. In the event you do not play golf, we will be taking a boat out to Whitehaven Beach or you can simply enjoy the many water sports available on Island.
7:00 - 10:30pmBBQ Dinner:  Enjoy the last evening with a casual BBQ dinner to cement new friendships, build on collaboration ideas or chat about some of the leadership ideas or the rich content from the keynotes and sessions. Or you could just boast about your golf!! This is another chance to catch up on the all important 1:1's.
Day 4: Wednesday July 31
7:00 - 8:15amBreakfast & 1:1 Meetings
8:30 - 9:30amIcebreaker Sessions
9:30 - 10:00am Build | People, Talent & Culture | Tim Sleep, Odgers Berndtson
10:00 - 10:45am Plenary Session | Thought Leaders
10:45 - 11:30am Keynote | Jay McBain, Forrester
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