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This year, centred around Customer Value, EDGE 2018 will answer key questions around Who; What; Where; When; Why and How in relation to creating customer value backed up by local research findings from Tech Research Asia.

This action-packed 4 day destination conference offers keynotes, panels, compelling business stream sessions, as well as specific time allocated to meet with fellow EDGE attendees to pursue business opportunities.

* Compulsory attendance to all conferencing sessions

New Zealand Session: Saturday July 28
New Zealand Attendee Arrival
6:00 - 8:00pm New Zealand Dinner
Day 1: Sunday July 29
7:00 - 8:30am New Zealand Breakfast
9:30 - 11:15am New Zealand Session
Attendee Arrival
3:00 - 5:00pm Icebreaker Sessions & 1:1 Meetings
6:30 - 10:00pm Welcome Dinner
Day 2: Monday July 30
7:00 - 8:15am Breakfast & 1:1 Meetings
8:15 - 9:30am Welcome to EDGE 2018

Keynote: Nancy Rademaker

Partner at nexxworks

With over 20 years of experience in IT and training, Nancy has always and above all passionately focused upon people: how technology influences their behaviour, how it helps them share knowledge and how it enables them to create and innovate. Nancy helps organisations grasp how ‘The New Normal’ – in which `digital’ has become the new normal – has transformed our work environment into a dense network.

9:30 - 10:00am Plenary Session - Thought Leaders (VMware and Dell EMC)
10:00 - 10:30am Morning Break & 1:1 Meetings
10:35 - 11:35am Plenary Session - Customer Hour
11:45 - 12:30pm Boardroom Sessions 1

How can partners provide purpose-built data centre solutions?
Intel | Main Plenary 

New technologies are placing new demands on the data centre, creating a need for partners to deliver on the promise of customer innovation. 

Step forward data centre blocks, solutions which are purpose-built to help partners accelerate time to market with innovative server solutions built with the latest technology. 

Built with quality and reliability in mind, partners today are leveraging the latest data centre technologies to transform customer experiences. 

This EDGE session, in association with Intel, uncovers the key ingredients for data centre success, outlining how integrators can build different products to win new business in the market.

Serving up an end-to-end security offering for MSPs.
Continuum | Roundtable

As businesses seek greater levels of protection, managed service providers are well-positioned to capitalise. In response to increased threats, MSPs must deliver a complete, end-to-end cyber security offering without having to build and maintain in-house operations. 

Such an offering must combine powerful software with a suite of SOC services to deliver both foundational security and highly advanced protection for customers, spanning a whole suite of solutions. 

This EDGE session, in association with Continuum, will outline how partners can leverage market-leading security solutions to minimise harm and reduce risk for customers.

Going Google in the channel: how can partners capitalise?
Google | Workshop

With one of the world’s most instantly recognisable logos, and a brand that has now become a verb, Google’s global reach and reputation is unparalleled. Not many organisations generate such levels of interest but in the channel, reputation counts for nothing. 

Reflective of a wide-scale channel drive, Google is fast-moving into partner territory with new solutions and services targeting lucrative customer markets. 

This EDGE session, in association with Google, will outline key opportunities ahead for the channel, advising how partners can align with a new narrative in the context of cloud. 

12:30 - 1:30pm Lunch & 1:1 Meetings
1:30 - 2:25pm  Plenary Session - Thought Leaders (Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Datto)
2:35 - 3:15pm Boardroom Sessions 2

How partners can win business in the modern workplace?
Cisco | Main Plenary

Organisations across Australia and New Zealand are leading a global transformation towards a digital workplace. 

Driven by executive decree, businesses are rapidly reshaping structures and cultures in the pursuit of agility and innovation, with teams, tribes, scrums and squads now commonplace. 

With technology a crucial enabler of such a shift, partners are entering the collaboration space en masse, taking leadership roles in defining, and delivering, a modern workplace. 

This EDGE session, in association with Cisco, will share leading customer examples of collaboration and innovation, highlighting how partners can capitalise on this critical market transition.

The making of a modern vendor in the channel today.
D-Link | Presentation

Changing customer demands create a ripple effect up through the supply chain, altering partner priorities and readjusting vendor strategies. 

The modern vendor must add value in new ways, in response to a changing ecosystem of partners operating in the channel today. 

As a result, the notion of value in the context of the vendor, partner and customer is changing, placing emphasis on vendors to deliver market opportunities through certifications, support and margins - among others.

This EDGE session, in association with D-Link, will assess how vendors are delivering value to partners today, outlining key metrics and requirements for the channel to succeed.

Anatomy of a Valuable Partner – Part Two – A Partner Perspective.
VMware | Roundtable

Driven by new technologies and new buyers, staying close to the customer has become a crucial requirement for providers in a market crammed with competition and choice. 

While the concept of customer-centricity is nothing new, the notion of providing increased levels of innovation is redefining the role of the channel. 

Following on from the VMware Keynote address this session will be a guided roundtable discussion facilitated by Tech Research Asia’s Mark Iles on how partners can improve the value they deliver for customers. In addition to Matt Chamley, two key VMware leaders will contribute their experience on both customer side and vendor side. 

These are Kerrie-Anne Turner, Channels and Commercial Director, and Jamie Richardson, Systems Engineering Manager and former CTO and Technology Leader in both Oreta and Telstra. 

Building the tools to create customer demand at the edge.
APC by Schneider Electric | Workshop

Edge computing is revolutionising IT infrastructure, creating a mainstream market built on increased demand for reduced costs and improved performance. Spanning the data centre, cloud and the Internet of Things - among other emerging technologies - edge computing continues to generate new areas of opportunity for channel partners. 

But the ecosystem requires guidance, in the form of new tools, easy to design solutions, enablement initiatives and tailored partner programs. 

This EDGE session, in association with APC by Schneider Electric, will outline the tools required to build capabilities in 2018 and beyond, enabling partners to deliver on the promise of edge computing. 

3:25 - 4:10pm Boardroom Sessions 3

Responding to ransomware: what’s the partner plan?
Datto | Main Plenary

Once a hypothetical debate, the idea of ransomware raiding organisations across Australia and New Zealand was a difficult concept to grasp. 

Yet the tide has turned, with security threats reaching trans-Tasman shores to heighten the need for data protection and resilience. 

According to Datto findings, 92 per cent of local customers have suffered a ransomware attack during the past two years, highlighting channel opportunities and challenges in equal measure. 

This EDGE session, in association with Datto, will outline how partners can capitalise on the growing cyber security threat landscape, through monetising data protection and mitigating customer risk.

Accelerating customer value through HPE
Hewlett Packard Enterprise | Roundtable

With a modern customer at the centre of the decision-making process, partners must access new technologies to deliver value in new ways. 

No longer will speeds and feeds suffice, as end-users seek outcome-based conversations at a business level, incorporating units outside of the traditional IT department. 

Coupled with a rise in consumption-based selling, partners today must reshape selling strategies to maximise new market opportunities. 

This EDGE session, in association with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, will document how partners can create customer value through leveraging channel programs and technology portfolios, delivered through tailored initiatives for solution providers.

How can partners cut through the hype to strengthen security offerings?
WatchGuard | Workshop

Since the start of 2018, the market has been inundated with news headlines, research reports and marketing rhetoric, as data breach notification laws dominate the agenda. 

Coupled with GDPR, the aftermath of such industry-defining decisions stand to reshape how partners go-to-market on both sides of the Tasman, as customers seek external guidance and advice. 

But as the dust settles, how can partners cut through the hype and capitalise? 

This EDGE session, in association with WatchGuard, will debate the aftermath of new data breach notification laws, while outlining the key ransomware threats in the year ahead. 

4:15 - 4:45pm Plenary Session - EDGE Research

Centred around the theme of Customer Value, James Henderson (Editorial Director of ARN and Reseller News) and Mark Iles (Executive Analyst at Tech Research Asia) will outline key customer priorities across A/NZ during the next 12 months.

5:45 - 6:30pm Bus Transfers to Dinner Under the Stars
6:30 - 9:30pm Dinner Under the Stars
Day 3: Tuesday July 31
7:00 - 8:15am Breakfast & 1:1 Meetings
8:15 - 9:00am Plenary Session - Partner Perspective

A host of leading technology providers across A/NZ will share examples of customer transformation projects in action, alongside key partner-centric findings from EDGE Research.
9:05 - 9:50am Boardroom Sessions 4

How partners can leverage the nbn™ to drive digitalisation
NBN Co. | Main Plenary 

As digital initiatives move past the piloting phase and into the mainstream, partners stand primed to drive transformation agendas across the market. In an increasingly connected Australia, customers are seeking new ways to capitalise on the digital age, in a bid to revolutionise innovation strategies. 

With digital now a boardroom priority, new opportunities are emerging for the channel to guide customers through transition and transformation projects, leveraging a network capable of delivering, speed, performance and scale. 

This EDGE session, in association with NBN, will outline how partners can deliver on the promise of digital transformation, outlining key opportunities ahead in 2018 and beyond.

Maximising market potential in a multi-cloud world.
Commvault | Roundtable

As the early rush settles into considered deployments, a multi-cloud state of adoption is emerging. 

In response to different clouds and use cases, organisations are demanding a simple and secure way to move workloads, applications and data across multiple platforms. 

Such a shift is placing partners in a position of power, as customers turn to the channel to leverage the best of both worlds in the context of the cloud. 

This EDGE session, in association with Commvault, will detail the go-to-market strategies required to capitalise on a multi-cloud world, as partners align with channel-centric vendors to meet customer demand. 

As threats reach local shores, how are customers spending security dollars?
Sophos | Workshop

It’s no secret that threats are increasing, that repercussions are worsening and that customer priorities are shifting. 

With local organisations now a target - from the enterprise down to small businesses - end-users are engaging with the channel under different circumstances. 

But how are security dollars being spent? 

This EDGE session, in association with Sophos, will showcase local customer case studies to demonstrate how partners can add value through specialised offerings and services. 

9:55 - 10:40am Boardroom Sessions 5

Honing in on a high-demand hyper-converged market
Dell EMC | Main Plenary 

As customers seeks reduced costs and greater operational efficiency, demand for hyper-converged infrastructure is advancing at a rapid rate.

Creating debate around ‘Buy vs. Build’, organisations are seeking solutions and services capable of housing mission critical workloads, in the pursuit of innovation. 

As a result, hyper-converged infrastructure is moving out of the shadows and into the mainstream, driven by a need for end-user efficiency and performance. 

This EDGE session, in association with Dell EMC, will outline how partners can capitalise on an expanding market through building new capabilities and services, backed up by increased levels of profitability.

Staying ahead of security threats through smart technologies.
Cylance | Roundtable

The security game is changing, as attackers become more aggressive, more targeted and more sophisticated. 

But as new threats emerge - at speed and at scale - customers remain paralysed by out-dated strategies and legacy technologies. 

Step forward the channel, armed with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, to instigate change across organisations through new offerings and solutions. 

This EDGE session, in association with Cylance, will assess the ever-changing security landscape across the local market, while outlining the smart technologies required to secure businesses on both sides of the Tasman.

Customer Engagement & Support in a connected world.
LogMeIn | Presentation

Exceptional Customer Experience has always been important, but it’s never been more difficult to achieve. 

Connected customers have collided with a proliferation of engagement channels, creating a nightmare for organizations. 

Customers want a seamless experience across all channels and devices regardless of customer life cycle stage, which is very challenging for organizations to provide. 

Drilling down into value - what’s the vendor play?
F5 Networks | Workshop

The notion of value is often exaggerated and seldom delivered upon in the channel today, leading to missed market opportunities as a result. From the vendor, down through distribution, to the partner and onto the customer, adjustments are being made at record pace. 

In such a changing ecosystem, partners must leverage vendors to differentiate and add value, driving increased profitability in the process. 

This EDGE session, in association with F5 Networks, will outline how vendors can remain relevant to partners, in a bid to drive customer value across the market.

10:40 - 11:10am
Morning Break & 1:1 Meetings
11:15 - 12:00pm Maximising marketing: How customers find partners

This marketing-focused session will outline how customers find technology providers, highlighting with marketing campaigns resonate with the end-users, according to EDGE Research findings. Also, former Microsoft CMO - and now Plan B CEO - Frazer Scott will share his experiences on partner marketing, explaining the opportunities and challenges for the channel alongside James Henderson (Editorial Director of ARN / Reseller News) and Mark Iles (Executive Analyst at Tech Research Asia).

12:20pm Activity Transfers & Lunch
1:00 - 6:30pm EDGE CUP/ Whitehaven Boat Cruise:
Sponsors and co-hosts will form teams of 4 for a shotgun start. We all know that golf is an industry favourite so this afternoon contest promises all the drama of channel friendly competition.
In the event you do not play golf, we will be taking a boat out to Whitehaven Beach or you can simply enjoy the many water sports available on Island.
7:00 - 10:30pm BBQ Dinner:
Enjoy the last evening with a casual BBQ dinner to cement new friendships, build on collaboration ideas or chat about some of the leadership ideas or the rich content from the keynotes and sessions. Or you could just boast about your golf!! This is another chance to catch up on the all important 1:1's.
Day 4: Wednesday August 1
7:00 - 8:15am Breakfast & 1:1 Meetings
8:25 - 9:30am Dealmaker Session
9:30 - 10:45am Keynote: Gary Morris
CEO & Founder, Successful Channels Inc.

Gary is a career senior marketing / business executive, entrepreneur, and thought-leader with deep expertise in automated marketing technology, channel strategy, and business innovation strategy. Gary recently built three start-ups from the ground up and now leads Successful Channels to provide business acceleration strategies to executives responsible for indirect channels.

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EDGE 2018


Sunday, 29th Jul 2018 7:00 a.m. - Wednesday, 1st Aug 2018 3:00 p.m.


Hamilton Island Convention Centre 12 Resort Dr Hamilton Island QLD Australia

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