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EMTEC Communications


Company Profile

EMTEC Communications has specialised in voice and data communications hardware since 1983. During major development of IT around the globe, EMTEC Communications continued to advance beyond the competition, structured to be able to service the needs of Australia’s largest companies, yet, flexible enough to respond to clients’ changing needs quickly.

EMTEC are suppliers to many of Australia’s leading Carriers, Government Departments and ISP’s providing a wide range of supported Carrier Class Communications products.


Components, Networking, Network Management, Security, VoIP, Wireless Technology (Wi-Fi)

Market Differentiators

Our competitive advantage is our people. Our team of specialists have decades of years experience in voice and data associated IT+T Industries, Technologies and Vertical markets.

Our talented team has competencies which include:

- Customer Service Focus

- Dedication and Commitment

- Quality Assurance

- Technology Based

- Network Design / Implementation

- Multi-Skilled / Multi-Task

- Time Management

- Detailed Design in Architecture of Networks and Implementation

- Project Audit and Design

- Project Implementation

- Project Management


Kingsgrove, New South Wales (Head Office)


Unit 25a Kingsgrove Rd
Kingsgrove, New South Wales, 2208
Phone: 1800752692
Fax: 0291500235
Unit 25a Kingsgrove Rd
Kingsgrove, New South Wales, 2208
Phone: 0291500215
Fax: 0291500235

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