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Support for partners is paramount when deploying bespoke corporate solutions

With the movement across IT to as-a-service offerings, business is less interested in up front deployments now than in the past. Regardless of what they are looking to deploy, it has never been more important for partners to deliver quality solutions that clients can count on. Corporate customers in particular, have become accustomed to partners doing more for them, whether managing aspects of the IT infrastructure, or deploying solutions.

The print and imaging space is no less immune to this than any other aspect of IT. Whether a partner is deploying managed print services or wrapping device and toner renewals around on premise offerings, it is vital they deliver a solution that is reliable and has the backing of a locally supported global vendor.

A large portfolio of devices that spans print, scan, label, and mobility segments is a point of difference that will make it easier for partners to deploy a solution in any environment. It will also make the life of both the partner and the end user easier in the long run because the servicing and renewals process is streamlined across the entire imaging solution set.

The real value proposition partners give to clients comes not just from the products they deploy, but from the services they can offer to support end users throughout the life of the devices. Local support staff and a dedicated channel sales team ready and willing to engage with solutions providers and end users on a regular basis is key to successful deployments. Partners can do a great many things, but cannot do it all, and it is in here where they need the support of a vendor that understands their needs and the needs of their clients.

A partner for the long haul

Brother’s range of printers, scanners, Multi-function Centres® and label makers is known the world over for being both intuitive for end users, and highly friendly for IT administrators to manage. This means clients will have fewer problems over the life of the devices. With corporate clients becoming increasingly attracted to the OPEX model, it has never been more important to deliver solutions these clients will have confidence in.

Brother has a local customer support presence in Australia, and this support is free for the lifetime of its products and solutions. When a business needs a tailor-made solution, Brother has a sales team that’s deployed nationally to discuss the specific requirements of your clients and their environment as a whole.

Just as it has done with large-scale corporate deployments like Pumpkin Patch, Brother can adjust almost any of its offerings to suit your customer’s needs. Whether a customer requires firmware changes to integrate with an existing network, or adjustments to the devices themselves, Brother has both the ability and the drive to make its solutions work for partners and their customers alike.

Regardless of the vertical a partner is targeting, there are times partners will need assistance to identify the best products for the job and assist with implementation. It’s a point of difference that will stand out when clients are choosing who should be their trusted advisor. Brother helps partners do this, not just because of the extensive range of products it offers, but also as a result of the extensive support network it has developed within the channel.

Many vendors across IT have sales teams deployed nationally, this is nothing new. What can happen is that these sales teams undercut partners or take larger customers away from them in an effort to improve the vendor’s sales figures.

Partners should be just that to a vendor, organisations that the vendor supports for mutual gain. Because Brother doesn’t sell direct to end users, all transactions are put back through reseller partners. The vendor’s sales team acts as a pseudo-sales team for partners. This is one part of its drive to become a reliable and trusted partner for the channel and Brother will never take opportunities from resellers and turn the transaction direct.

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Market analysis


According to analyst firm, IDC, Brother holds three-quarters of the market share for A3 inkjets and one-third of the market share for monochrome MFCs. Its colour MFCs hold one-fifth of the market share (Market share Jan’14-Dec’14, IDC Australia). These telling statistics reflect the high functionality, ease of use, reliability, and low overall TCO that’s offered by the vendor’s offerings.

It also speaks to Brother’s strong reputation in the corporate market. With so many corporate customers that trust the vendor’s solutions. This is just another benefit that partners can leverage to increase sales opportunities and solidify business growth.

Solution sets

For corporate clients, imaging needs encompass speed, precision, reliability, versatility, effective total cost of ownership and accessible after sales support.

Brother is uniquely equipped to assist partners in delivering these types of outcomes and as such, is the company both partners and clients want to deal with. The vendor’s offerings encompass every aspect of corporate imaging needs.

Brother Commercial Market Development Channel Manager, Luke Howard, has likened an imaging device in the office environment to a referee in a sporting match.

“We only notice them if they are doing a bad job,” he said.

The goal of a good print and imaging device is to be unnoticed and produce quality material. That’s what our devices do.

Brother printers will fly under the radar in any environment they are deployed in. This makes the partner’s life and the lives of their clients easier as they will have to do less maintenance and because the devices are so easy to use, end users will love them as well.


One example of this is the powerhouse known as the HL-S7000DN. Brother uses inkjet technology for its flagship commercial printer and as a result, it flies. Not only does it provide plenty of speed, it uses 60 per cent less energy than a comparable laser device, and it’s a printer that can grow as a business grows – just one of Brother’s devices that can scale to meet the needs of your corporate clients as their needs change.

While the devices will certainly sit in the corner and do the job without much fuss, the vendor offers full back up. Its national sales team is deployed across seven states and territories to assist partners with any deployment, anywhere.

This sales support is coupled with Brother’s local customer support network. Based in Sydney, the 15 strong team is there to help both partners and customers with whatever problems they may face. The team of experts has access to all of Brother’s devices and will be able to work through any issue post-deployment.

Mobility is the great enabler

An increasing amount of the workforce is becoming mobile. Employees want to work from a number of different devices; this improves speed, user satisfaction and efficiencies. The less roadblocks technology has to productivity, the better.

That’s why partners need a vendor that has ensured its solution sets are compatible with mobile devices. Accessing printers from smartphones and tablets is possible for most of Brother’s devices and is easy via its iPrint&Scan app or Airprint capability.

Add to this the unique offering of portable PocketJets and portable scanners. The A4 thermal portable printers are one-of-a-kind in the printing industry and are the perfect complement to a partners mobility offering.

No matter what device end users want to work with at a given time, you need to have your clients covered. A vendor’s ability to offer both fixed imaging gear for offices, as well as mobile solutions, is part of what makes its solutions attractive and hence makes the partner’s value proposition alluring to clients. It allows corporate clients to cover all bases and adds flexibility to increasingly mobile workforces.

As the needs of the corporate client change, Brother’s solution set can evolve to meet the demands of the modern workplace. If a customer is having network connectivity issues, the vendor can adjust firmware to make the partners offerings compatible with the customer’s infrastructure. Partners can be assured that any solution they deploy will integrate and work perfectly from day one. Whether it is print, scan, copy or fax, Brother has the solution set partners need and the sales and technical support to assist with any opportunity.

Portable Solutions for the Modern Workforce

The mobile workforce is more reliant on technology than their office bound counterparts. While on the road, these employees need to be in constant contact with colleagues and clients to ensure business continuity.

No matter how much digital business evolves, there will always be a need for printing. Many industry verticals such as education and construction require paper documentation to be left behind during field service calls. Mobile workers who travel to multiple locations need to provide such documents and use a number of different devices. They need to do this efficiently and without hindrance from a technology standpoint. Additionally, portability around technology solutions is fast becoming the driving force behind the success of a mobile workforce deployment.

With so much of the SMB and enterprise workforce using Apple devices, connectivity and interoperability is a must for any portable print solution. Partners need a solution offering that works across multiple devices, so that, even in instances of BYOD, customers are assured that what is deployed will work regardless of the device used.

Brother Commercial Market Development Channel Manager, Luke Howard, described the portable series as an efficiency raiser.

The compatibility of the devices with multiple different devices is key to this.

“Whether a business chooses to go down an Android or an Apple based mobile platform, it’s irrelevant to us, we can cover both. The modularity of the system is a big plus for partners as we can help them set up multiple devices in almost any situation to maximum efficiency, such as our in-car mounting solution.”

The Thermal Revolution

The Brother portable range is designed specifically for the modern mobile employee, one that needs flexibility and reliability in a portable print solution. The PocketJet-7 portable printer series gives mobile workers the ability to print A4 pages on the go from any device and achieve the same quality as if they were printing in the office. The difference of course, is that this portable printer is light weight and easy to manage.

The thermal print technology that underpins the PocketJet-7 allows users to print in any environmental condition, making it the perfect portable printing companion for employees working in any location without having to deal with inks and toners. As the world’s smallest A4 printer, the PocketJet-7 offers unrivalled portability, performance and connectivity to meet your client’s every need.

From SMB to enterprise, government, healthcare, manufacturing, transport, logistics and even the specialty industries such as tattoo or inking services, the Brother portable range of devices is another example of class-leading technology the vendor has produced that will forge strong relationships with clients for years to come.

Partners can take solutions like the PocketJet-7 to market, knowing they will address the customer’s immediate needs and provide a comprehensive, malleable and cost-effective solution going forward.

The complete solution set

The corporate environment is more demanding than ever before. In order to meet the needs of such a dynamic space, partners need to offer solutions that can address the needs of clients now and adapt as those needs change in the future.

The message here is about partner enablement. No matter a partner’s area of focus, they should look to offer a solutions set that is reliable, productive and enables a client’s workforce to do their job how, when and where they want. That’s why offering best-of-breed is so important and in printing scanning and copying, Brother sits well above the rest.

Partners should look to leverage Brother’s class-leading technology and the buying guide attached can show just how to do this. The vendor’s unparalleled local support network and team of nationally deployed sales experts address the needs of clients from the outset of discussions and work tirelessly to acquire and grow business opportunities for partners. If a partner is looking to deploy a new print and imaging solution for a client or simply looking to add value to existing managed services offerings, leveraging Brother and its solution sets will ensure customers are delighted with the outcome and remain loyal for years to come.

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