Fortinet Solutions

FortiAnalyzer Centralised Logging and Reporting Appliances

FortiAnlayzer gives your clients the real-time visibility across the network they need, the analysis capabilities they have wished for and the reporting resources they could only have dreamed about. Sitting alongside their FortiGate Next Generation Firewall (NGWF), FortiAnalyzer centralises a raft of critical business activity monitoring (BAM) functions: network logging, analytics, reporting, alerts, archiving, data mining and more.

Reporting critical

FortiAnalyzer enables your clients to closely manage their network with real-time monitoring and reporting. Reporting is critical as it provides the mechanism to document all network activity for both forensics as well as auditing purposes. Many organisations are looking to quantify IT’s contribution to the business model and good reports help provide a ‘dollars and cents’ valuation for IT within the organisation.

Your clients can do all of this - and lots more - from the customisable centralised FortiView dashboard, a feature of FortiOS 5.2. IT managers can collect, correlate and analyse data, monitor activity, set thresholds for alerts and just generally stay on top of things. And the more they work with FortiAnalyzer, the more they’ll discover what they can do.

Real or virtual - options for clients

Your clients can deploy FortiAnalyzer as either physical or virtual appliances. There are excellent benefits for either option in areas such as scalability, pricing, throughput, etc. Which form factor is best for your clients depends on their environment, infrastructure and usage. We can help you specify the right model for your clients.

Real time visibility and disclosure

FortiAnalyzer complements the FortiGate NGFW and adds another layer of control. And when deployed in conjunction with FortiAuthenticator, your clients can have unprecedented visibility of not just network activity but who or what is responsible. With more scrutiny on preventing data breaches and ensuring that staff are complying with corporate acceptable use policies, your clients - especially those with FortiGate NGWF appliances - should be looking very seriously at FortiAnalyzer to round out their security profile.

Fortinet’s FortiAuthenticator User Identity Management Appliance

Fortinet’s Fortinet’s FortiAuthenticator User Identity Management Appliances extend the capabilities of your client’s FortiGate Next Generation Firewalls and provide a dedicated platform to support:

  • Secure Wi-Fi
  • Single Sign-on
  • Two-factor / One Time Password (OTP) Authentication
  • RADIUS and LDAP integration

Available in both physical and virtual machine form factors, FortiAuthenticator models are suitable for SMB to carrier-grade deployments and are capable of supporting up to one million users. When deployed in conjunction with, for instance, FortiAPs and FortiToken, your clients can create secure Wi-Fi networks and simplify control over user access whilst reducing management overheads.

Ideal for growing enterprises with a healthy mix of users, devices, in-house and cloud-based networks and application services, Fortinet’s FortiAuthenticator should be high on your list of solutions to showcase to your client base.

Managing user identities is becoming more complex as more and more people log onto the corporate LAN using a variety of secured and unmanaged devices. Today’s users want fast and uncomplicated access to web and application services from the device of their choice. Yet IT managers are tasked with ensuring that these on-line services are restricted to those with the right authorisations. The answer, of course, is FortiAuthenticator.

Single Sign-On

FortiAuthenticator’s single sign-on capabilities manage user identities through a tight integration with LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), Active Directory and RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service). In effect FortiAuthenticator enables IT managers to build a database of every user, every device and every web and application service and then control which ones are allowed to communicate. From a user’s point-of-view, they can log onto the corporate LAN from the device of their choice and tap into any and all of the network resources that they are entitled to access. Securely, easily and fast.

Enforcing appropriate use

Enterprises support a wide range of cloud-based and in-house application services such as Microsoft Office, ERP, CRM, HR and more. Not every employee has access to all of these resources. Access (read and write privileges) is based on their particular role within the organisation. FortiAuthenticator provide the framework for IT managers to assign access rules for specific roles or individuals and then enforce these rules, regardless of the device used.

Of course, IT managers have to have these rules in place before they can program them into FortiAuthenticator. Savvy resellers that can help clients specify appropriate use policies down to the granular level (ie can Joe in HR see Sally’s sales quota for Q1) would be very well-placed indeed to sell FortiAutheticator appliances with confidence.

Whether you need to deploy a High Performance Data Centre Firewall, an Enterprise Next Generation Firewall or a smaller UTM device for your Distributed Enterprise site or Small Business, there is a FortiGate physical or virtual appliance to fit your unique Network Security requirements.

Fortinet combines the FortiOS Operating System with custom FortiASIC processors and the latest-generation CPUs to provide advanced protection from sophisticated, highly targeted attacks, without becoming a network bottleneck.

FortiGuard Lab's full portfolio of integrated Subscription-based Security Services have been designed from the ground up to maximise protection and optimise performance across the full range of Fortinet’s security platforms.

Fortinet’s FortiGate Next Generation Firewalls

Comprehensive protection
Fortinet provides a wide range of security products to provide a comprehensive security-centric infrastructure. With Fortinet, you’ll be able to offer integrated network security for your clients while building a sustainable revenue stream for your company. Fortinet solutions are:

  • Secure - Fortinet protection provides a robust response to threats
  • Fast - Highly-scalable and low-latency, Fortinet’s NGFWs are up to 10 times faster
  • Simple - Fortinet’s integrated architecture simplifies deployment and management

Ideal for enterprises of all sizes
The advantage of Fortinet’s FortiGate next generation firewalls is that there are models for every business, from small shops all the way up to multi-site enterprises. The functionality is the same for big and little boxes…the main difference is scale and throughput. For smaller businesses, the FortiGate 30D is an all-in-one box with streamlined functions for easier operations. The FortiGate 60D and above are loaded with secure Wi-Fi capabilities and features and are ideal for growing businesses.

Ideal for the mid-market

Security starts at the gateway
Tight security starts at the gateway. Fortinet’s FortiGate NGFWs are optimised to protect businesses from malware and hackers while managing day-to-day network operations. By themselves, they provide network administrators with deeper visibility and security control. And when deployed in conjunction with ancillary Fortinet solutions such as FortiGuard subscription-based security services, FortiAP access points, FortiAuthenticator and FortiAnalyzer for advanced functionality and other Fortinet solutions, FortiGate NGFWs are the launching point for a security-centric infrastructure.

FortiGate NGFWs are powered by a RISC-based FortiASIC CPU running the proprietary FortiOS operating system. FortiOS employs a graphical dashboard for ‘single pane of glass management’ so that you can add more functionality without adding more complexity. With Fortinet, out-of-the box protection is just the beginning.

Fortinet’s FortiGuard Security Subscription Services

Fortinet’s FortiGuard Subscription-based Security Services (SSS) are a set of advanced security modules that extend and enhance the built-in capabilities of Fortinet’s FortiGuard next generation firewalls. The Fortinet SSS modules provide:

  • 7x24x365 comprehensive security updates automatically delivered to your client’s network
  • Regular, recurring revenue streams for you
  • An ongoing relationship amongst you, the customer, Exclusive Networks and Fortinet that fosters improved communications and trust amongst all parties.

No other market sector moves as fast as security. The FortiGuard Lab, Fortinet’s world-wide research centre tasked with identifying and responding to threats, is always on the job. Every minute of every day, the FortiGuard Lab:

  • Neutralises 15,000 malware programs
  • Resists 680,000 network intrusion attempts
  • Blocks access to 150,000 malicious websites
  • Thwarts 100,000 botnet command and control attempts

Fortinet SSS automatically pushes this realtime intelligence - and more - directly to your client’s FortiGate next generation firewall.

Threat Map

Fortinet’s SSS ensure that your clients can stay ahead in the threat landscape including ‘zero-day attacks’. Like all of Fortinet’s solutions, SSS combines performance, simplicity and value. There are currently nine discrete modules that can be sold separately or as a comprehensive bundle. The modules are:

  • Web Filtering
  • Antivirus
  • Web Security Services
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Mobility
  • Application Control
  • Anti-spam
  • IP Reputation
  • Database Security Control

You can sell these modules on a subscription basis for terms of one through five years. Fortinet will notify you 90 days before the term expires, giving you plenty of time to discuss upgrades and enhancements with your customer.

Installation and configuration can be done remotely or on-site in concert with your client’s IT people. Combined, the FortiGate next generation firewall and the Security Subscription Services provide a solid foundation for further deployments of Fortinet security solutions such as FortiAP access points, FortiAnalyzer and FortiAuthenticator.