Become an MSP

How to tap into the lucrative Secure Wi-Fi MSP marketplace

Fortinet and Exclusive Networks are making it easy for you to tap into the fast-growing managed Secure Wi-Fi market. No matter if your clients are distributed multinationals with branches around ANZ or organisations or facilities with smaller footprints, if you are selling Fortinet solutions, you can transform your business into a cloud-enabled Secure Wi-Fi Managed Service Provider.

The key to establishing your Secure Wi-Fi Managed Service is Fortinet’s new FortiAP-S series of access points. You simply install these Secure APs at you client’s site, connect them to the LAN and switch them on. No other hardware is required. All of the wireless LAN controller and security functions are embedding in the access point itself. You can configure and manage these smart APs from your browser-based cloud interface.

Unlimited markets

Your potential client base for managed Secure Wi-Fi deployment is virtually unlimited: distributed enterprises, small businesses, retail shops, venues, schools and others by simply installing FortiAP-S series access points. You can manage thousands of concurrent sessions. Your clients like the MSP model because they can avoid any major up-front expenditures…just the APs themselves. You can even lease them to clients. Managed Secure Wi-Fi service provision is CAPEX friendly.

Exclusive Networks: Your Secure Wi-Fi experts

Exclusive Networks has the team in place to help you take advantage of these exciting new access points. With a team of highly-trained Fortinet-certified engineers, pre-sales system architects, phone-based customer service representatives and a switched-on phone/email help desk, Exclusive Networks can help you specify, install and configure the FortiAP-S series of access points quickly and easily. Once you see how easy it is, you’ll be able to sell and manage these units with confidence.

The most secure AP on the market

The FortiAP-S series APs are loaded with advanced security features like intrusion prevention, web filtering, rouge AP detection, antivirus security protection, granular application controls and more, all running directly on the access point. These features are all backed by FortiGuard Labs’ industry-leading threat intelligence to ensure that each FortiAP-S is protected against the very latest advanced threats, in real-time. This sophisticated level of hardware and software integration is made possible by Fortinet’s expertise and dedication to high-performance security engineering and research.

Talk to Exclusive Networks today to find out how you can take advantage of Fortinet’s FortiAP-S ‘Next-Generation’ Secure Wi-Fi access points, increase your revenue streams and secure your client’s wireless networks.

More MSP opportunities

Or you can up your game and offer more security services for your clients. Fortinet’s high performance network security platforms deliver a wide range of security services for cloud or customer premise environments (CPE). Fortinet products empower MSPs with best-in-breed, adaptive security that fits any environment; small and medium businesses to enterprise, data centre and service provider networks. Fortinet MSPs leverage customisable management and reporting tools along with a growing suite of emerging security products to increase recurring revenue streams and grow their subscriber base - all while controlling costs and improving service efficiencies.

FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls provide the backbone of the Fortinet MSP’s security portfolio by providing advanced security controls like application control, intrusion prevention, malware defence, web content filtering and data leak prevention in a single high performance appliance. Fortinet built the FortiGate line of security appliances and the accompanying management and reporting tools with diligent consideration for managed service provider demands, and those of their customers.

Fortinet’s Secure Wi-Fi Solutions

Fortinet has Secure Wi-Fi covered. Regardless of whether your clients want to install their own Secure Wi-Fi infrastructure, partner with a managed service provider or subscribe to a pure cloud-based solution, Fortinet has the products to make it happen.

FortiWiFi: The basic install
In its most basic form, you can implement Secure Wi-Fi at a client site by simply installing one or more of Fortinet’s FortiWiFi smart wireless access points. Working with an in-built controller, the FortiWiFi access points provide a basic set of security functions such as intrusion prevention systems (IPS), application control, anti-virus and a URL filter. The advantage of this configuration is that it gives clients an inexpensive yet secure ‘first step’ towards comprehensive Secure Wi-Fi as the controller is built into the AP itself. These are ideal for smaller facilities, up to around 300 square metres.

FortiGate and FortiAPs: The standard approach
The most common approach for Secure Wi-Fi is leveraging the Secure Wi-Fi controller capabilities of FortiGate Next Generation Firewalls (FortiGate 60D and above) and any combination of the dozen or so models of the FortiAP access points.

FortiAP Product Matrix

This is especially cost-effective if your client has already installed a FortiGate appliance. Adding Secure Wi-Fi capabilities is as simple as installing a constellation of FortiAPs and configuring FortiGate to support the necessary user / device / application profiles. All of this can be done from FortiGate’s management dashboard and provides a full set of security functions including support for BYOD.

If your client hasn’t yet made the decision to purchase a FortiGate appliance, the ability to support Secure Wi-Fi at little extra cost just might be the extra incentive they need to sign the purchase order.

Secure Wi-Fi as a Service: Tomorrow’s standard - today!
Or you can provide Secure Wi-Fi as a service. You can do this in either a private or public cloud environment.

Public and private cloud wifi options

This is an especially attractive opportunity if you already offer ‘Firewall as a Service’. You can operate multiple WLANs for individual clients simultaneously, each with different capabilities and levels of protection. For instance, you can support Guest log-ins with bare-bones IPS protection, BYOD WLAN with IPS, Antivirus, web filtering and application control and a corporate WLAN with all of the above plus advanced threat protection.

There are many different Fortinet options for offering public or private cloud Secure Wireless as a Service with an array of capabilities and functions, far too many to list here. Talk to the experts at Exclusive Networks. They’ll be happy to run through the options with costs, requirements and installation procedures.