Opportunity in new markets

The technological advances in UC have opened up different verticals that may previously been closed to valueadded resellers. Industries such as education, health and hospitality will increasingly be looking for ways to improve productivity, collaboration and reduce cost.

Targeted, reliable, bestofbreed UC deployments are extremely powerful tools to help clients realise these goals and create excellent recurring revenue streams through deployment, implementation and management.

These markets are uniquely poised for a monumental shift in work practices and represent an enormous potential market for resellers.


Education presents the channel with enormous opportunity for unlocking a new, highly profitable market. Schools, universities and private educational institutions have an even greater need than many other businesses for the technological and collaborative benefits of UC.

Resellers should pay attention to this as the market is flooded with smaller, mostly private, institutions that are growing rapidly. These institutions will find great benefit in deployments that encourage collaboration and scale in conjunction with the fast growth these companies are experiencing.


The healthcare industry is tipped to be one of the fastest growing markets, with organisations needing to cope with rapid growth. Such companies will rely on partners with expertise in the UC space to give guidance in supporting UC decisions. The main benefit of tapping into this market for resellers is its scope. The size of handset deployment alone provides powerful valueadded opportunities not to mention the added features these clients will find very attractive.


The hospitality and services industry is another market with great potential for resellers to tap into. Hotels are an obvious target with their need to connect staff and guests on the same network. Scalability is key here, and while many of these businesses will not require the same collaborative capabilities as their counterparts in education and health, the revenue opportunity from multisite deployments is one resellers should pay close attention to.

These three industries represent a fraction of the opportunities available in the market for valueadded resellers offering UC deployments. Successfully leveraging these technologies to maximise revenue requires a strong partner with the reputation and technological prowess that customers will instantly recognise.