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Arrow ECS

With more than 12 years’ legacy experience in the Australia and New Zealand IT channel, Arrow is now one of the leading distributors in the region, and a leader in the areas that are changing the way technology is delivered and how it solves customer problems

Staying On Top Of The Game With Arrow APEX

The Jag Group founder and CEO, Torien De Jager, says the Arrow APEX program has helped the company end-to- end, from providing the core benefits of certification and enablement through to bringing additional ‘fringe’ benefits into the organisation, such as in incentivising staff to higher performance and developing new business relationships.

Why IoT Demands a Holistic Approach

Arrow’s IoT offering, From Sensor to Sunset™, bridges the gap between IoT capabilities and technology to provide end-to-end IoT solutions that drive digital transformation.

Arrow APEX Puts Partners in F1 Pole Position

This sleek and powerful program promises the glory of F1 and also delivers on this promise to their winning partners with the top four partners being flown to Singapore in September to attend the Grand Prix.