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  • ERP reload

    For all the rhetoric, an element of the story remains untold

  • Tourism sector bites the bullet

    Profitability in the tourism sector has always been incredibly volatile, subject to the whims of wild weather and fickle fashion. It will be interesting to see whether managers in the wider business community choose to crank up their travel budgets again as they have done in the past, or whether the convenience and ease of telecommuting and electronic conferencing will finally start to bite into business travel.

  • Navigating dangerous retail waters

    When you consider that eBay do not actually “sell” anything or handle any retail inventory, their decision to follow consumers into shopping centres is interesting. Perhaps online retail battles will soon also be fought in shopping centres and, if so, online retailing is also heading into dangerous waters.

  • Off with their heads

    At an operational level, complex policies and procedures can quickly turn HR management into a quagmire. Although in some situations, all of that red tape can truly be a good thing.

  • Executive tenure and shifting goalposts

    Executive leadership is often portrayed as high pressure. Boards justify spectacular executive packages by citing the uncertainty of the top job, and the notion that people who actively seek leadership positions need to be given an enormous incentive to create shareholder value. The reality is often rather different.

  • Expiry dates and ROI time horizons

    Australian CEOs typically hang on to the job for 8 years before retiring with a golden parachute. The point at which you find a leader within their tenure has a clear influence on strategic business planning and investment decisions. It should be little surprise that when a leader has one eye on the door, they might simply view risks and rewards very differently to those around them.

  • Future jobs, innovation, and productivity

    Australian businesses have been achieving consistent improvements due to labour productivity – but gains from innovation have been weak to non-existent in recent years.

  • Two and a half approaches to change

    The best outcomes occur when leaders mobilise employee energy and commitment, and articulate a clear set of understandable goals. Instead of micromanaging, flexibility and adaption should be encouraged throughout the organisation. Employees need to be given leeway to solve problems themselves, and the confidence to act.

  • Thought-leaders need thoughts – and leadership

    To be a thought leader, you need thoughts. And leadership.

  • Succession planning and the cult of the CEO

    When it comes to succession planning at key executive levels, timing and communication can be quite critical. Sudden departures can be very disruptive and damaging. This is precisely the time when you need to pull plan B out of your bottom draw, and not the time to go through a long drawn out executive search process.

  • Rory Gregg

    Rory is a Partner at Grant Thornton, leading their Business Transformation consulting practice in Sydney. His specialties are business strategy, performance improvement, and transformational change. Follow him on Twitter @rory_gregg

  • Gee's Jive

    Mike Gee is the managing editor of ARN. His career spans more than 30 years in daily and weekly newspapers. He was previously Night Editor of SMH Online for nearly five years. In his other life, he has spent 37 years interviewing musicians, reviewing albums and concerts, broadcasting on public radio and writing the odd book. He has won Australia's highest award for journalism, the Walkley, twice. He is a fanatical fisherman.

  • Innovation!

    In the modern economy with constantly evolving trends, technologies and ideas the companies that don't innovate will be overtaken. Innovation is no longer the domain of R&D, new product development or IT, but instead a core deliverable of every business unit and the foundation of success and profit.

  • Leadership

    Advice for leaders to help refine skills and provide direction and guidance to employees

  • The Executive Coach

    Peter Black is an Executive Coach who has been privileged to work with over 400 individuals from predominantly large blue chip and multinational organisations over the past 5 years on career transition, executive coaching and role onboarding programs.  More recently, he has worked with members of The Executive Connection, an organisation dedicated to enhancing the lives and improving the effectiveness of CEOs.  His blog is a reflection of the composite personal and professional experiences of his clients, particularly those at senior levels, and of his own reinvention having commenced a new career at the age of 48 after 26 years as a Chartered Accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers.