Stories by Solomon S. Emanuel

  • Compaq moves to push services in Asia

    Compaq Computer took another step to shed its "just a PC company" image last week when it announced the Asia-Pacific implementation of its Compaq Services Network (CSN), a Web-based virtual community comprising Compaq and its authorised service channel partners.

  • Net to combat piracy

    Antivirus and utility software vendor Symantec plans to use the Internet as a weapon to reduce piracy in the Asia-Pacific. The vendor's Internet strategy to distribute software will be mainly targeted at small businesses and consumers in the region, said Garry Sexton, vice president, Symantec Asia-Pacific.

  • Increasing potential in DVD

    In the next millennium, DVD (digital video disc) technology will play as big a role in the area of business applications as it does for entertainment. When that happens the whole viability of technology for retailers will improve. Robert Chua, executive chairman of Singapore-based DVD distributor ACE Daikin ACE Daikin, expects DVDs to emerge as a powerful and dynamic medium for "visualising" Internet shopping, accelerating e-commerce, and creating superior quality corporate presentations and training programs.