Stories by Howard Dahdah

  • SPSS: The storage so far

    Companies can save on infrastructure and management costs by outsourcing their storage requirements. Although the Australian uptake of managed storage has been slower than expected, the storage service provider model is increasingly gaining acceptance

  • It's official: HP to buy Compaq

    A press release just posted on the Hewlett-Packard Web site has confirmed earlier press reports stating the company has entered into a $47.5 billion (US$25 billion) agreement to acquire rival IT vendor Compaq.

  • Consumer focus brings down Gateway

    Both observers and players in the PC market have attributed Gateway's failure to maintain a broad market appeal as a major factor in the company closing its Australian doors Wednesday.

  • ACCC steps up DVD investigation

    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has stepped up its investigation into the practice of DVD regional coding, following concerns that vendors are not properly advising consumers that certain codes may lead to a lockdown of their DVD players.