Stories by Howard Dahdah

  • AV distro profits from Jantek downfall

    Although a household name in the European antivirus market for the past decade, RAV Antivirus is trying to make a name for itself in the mature local security market thanks to a new deal with Melbourne-based distributor, NetFreighters.

  • Mozilla 'dirty deed' brings out a Firey response

    That free lovin' spirit shared among the open source community has been ruffled this week after a decision by The Mozilla Organization to change the name of its browser-only product to Firebird. This has landed it in trouble with a database project of the same name.

  • Changes to HP certification are in the mail

    Persons accredited with Hewlett-Packard training will be receiving the status of their certification within the next two to fours weeks following an overhaul of the company's accreditation process earlier in the month.

  • Government to follow up on open source interest

    Open source seminars sponsored by the National Office for the Information Economy (NOIE) may become a regular feature in Canberra after a successful gathering of speakers and CIOs from government departments and agencies earlier this week.

  • FreeBSD 5.0 looks to the enterprise

    The FreeBSD Release 5.0 operating system is finally available to the general public. Three years in the making, the OS provides first-time support for Sun Microsystems' Sparc64 and Intel's IA64 platforms.

  • Changes to HP certification on the way

    Professionals equipped with official Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Compaq training prior to the companies' merger will find out the state of their accreditation when the company announces its new certification roadmap next month.

  • Vamos appointed Microsoft Australia MD

    After three years as the head of Microsoft Australia, Paul Houghton has been sent packing to the US, with the company announcing today that Steve Vamos has been appointed managing director of the software company.

  • WorldCom Australia: 'Business as usual'

    WorldCom Australia has stressed that services to its local customers will not be affected after the decision by its parent company to file for bankruptcy protection in a US court overnight.

  • Optus confirms hack

    Optus has confirmed that police have arrested a former Optus employee who broke into an Optus program database.