Stories by Phil Hochmuth

  • Cisco CallManager 5.0 upgrade could be tweaked

    Cisco's update to its CallManager IP PBX -- introduced this week with native SIP support -- will require broader upgrades to other network infrastructure gear beyond the data center were the CallManager sits, according to Cisco.

  • Deciding the future of Ethernet

    Scaling Ethernet to new heights -- as much as 100Gbps -- as well developing 10G Ethernet for copper wiring and internal system backplanes were among the chief issues at last week's DesignCon conference.

  • VoIP vulnerability may be over-hyped, analyst says

    The surfacing of a pair of flaws in Cisco's CallManager IP telephony servers last week raises the hot-button issue of how to secure enterprise VoIP networks from attacks. But one industry expert says the threat of an attacker or virus taking down a businesses IP PBX or VoIP network is more phantom than menace.

  • Alliance pushes Ethernet to new fronts

    Industry group The Ethernet Alliance is expected to launch this week, with the goal of promoting the use and development of Ethernet technology, especially in areas beyond traditional LAN applications.

  • VoIP scheme gets big backers

    Cisco and Microsoft have thrown their considerable weight behind ICE <b>Cisco, which sells the most IP telephony gear, and Microsoft, which seeks a greater corporate VoIP role, recently agreed to work together</b> to add capabilities in software that lets IP voice traffic more easily run across firewall-protected networks.

  • Foundry launches LAN edge switch with 10 Gigabit, PoE

    Foundry Networks introduced a LAN edge switch at the Interop show this week that combines four speeds of Ethernet (from 10Mbps to 10Gbps) with Power over Ethernet, aimed at supporting a variety of traffic, from VOIP to wireless LANs to high-bandwidth applications such as video.

  • Alcatel plays catch-up with 10G switches

    Alcatel is expected to launch two switches targeted for corporate-backbone and data-center deployments, where Gigabit Ethernet links are either aggregated from stacks of LAN-edge switches in wiring closets or from racks of Gigabit-enabled servers.