Stories by Phil Hochmuth

  • Cisco's Chambers has his eyes on the tube

    Cisco CEO John Chambers wants to make it clear that his company's top executives and technologists all have their eyes sharply focused on video screens -- from 50-inch plasmas, to cell phone and desktop PC monitors.

  • Open-source networking doesn't require a guru

    Open source router company Vyatta debuted earlier this year with a Red Hat-style alternative to Cisco and Juniper offerings: the Open Flexible Router, an open source-based WAN router and firewall stack, freely downloadable, with service and support offerings available for purchase. Since then the company has generated buzz in the network industry, while releasing products such as a pre-installed appliance-like version on Dell servers. Vyatta CEO Kelly Herrell and chief strategy officer Dave Roberts recently told Phil Hochmuth what Vyatta is, and is not, and what it hopes to become. (The following is an edited transcript.)

  • Study: Ethernet switch sales jump in third quarter

    The Ethernet switch market surged in the third quarter, with US$4.3 billion in worldwide revenue -- a 16 percent jump from both the previous quarter and the comparable period last year, a new Dell'Oro Group report says.

  • HP's ProCurve exec talks business directions

    Hewlett-Packard's ProCurve LAN switch business is second only to Cisco in revenue and port shipments, outperforming venerable competitors such as 3Com, Nortel, Extreme Networks and Foundry Networks. John McHugh, vice president and general manager of ProCurve Networking by HP, recently spoke with Phil Hochmuth about where ProCurve stands inside the larger HP organization, and other issues facing the group. The following is an edited version of their conversation.

  • Wasn't Dell supposed to dominate the LAN market by now?

    Three years ago, Cisco CEO John Chambers frequently mentioned Dell as an emerging competitor. "Our next generation of competition is going to come from below," he said, citing Dell among several low-cost network companies emerging in the market at the time. "It will be interesting to compete with them."

  • Will Wi-Fi kill wired Ethernet at the LAN edge?

    The line is blurring between wireless LAN and Ethernet switch gear that connects end users, as vendors such as Cisco, Nortel, 3Com and others have worked to link these products into a supposedly seamless access system.

  • Are Cisco switches really so expensive?

    Cisco is the dominant LAN switch vendor, both in the amount of ports it ships worldwide, and its revenue for switch ports sold. One common industry assumption is that Cisco gear is high-priced, but worth the investment for the company's quality support and advanced features. Another assumption is that Cisco switches are just plain overpriced.