Stories by Matthew Cooney

  • 'Smart money' with Bagle malware

    The miscreants who wrote the Bagle and Netsky worms have been duelling for some time, but the authors of the latest Bagle malware have probably blown away their competition, according to Death2Spam founder, Richard Jowsey.

  • E-commerce patent seeker threat fades

    Local e-commerce companies are hopeful that they've seen the last of DE Technologies, the Canadian firm that tried to claim licensing fees from New Zealand e-tailers last year, but the company's CEO claims the matter will be resolved by the courts.

  • Microsoft's Office XML lags on Mac

    Microsoft is readying a new version of Office for Macintosh for release in the first half of 2004 — one which doesn’t support many of the much-touted XML features of its Windows cousin, Office 2003.

  • No escape for patent 'pirates'

    DE Technologies is unfazed by the storm of protest surrounding attempts to enforce its Australian and New Zealand patent covering e-commerce systems, and has vowed to make infringers pay up.